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With Recover ZIP Password you can recover password of a password protected zip file. Some of the features of the application is below.

Simple and Clean User Interface : With the simple and clean user interface you can start the recovery within few seconds of downloading the app.

Detailed statistics:While recovering you will get detailed statistics of the app.

Pause and Resume:You can pause and resume the recovery process any time

Dictionary Method of Recovery:You can use list of common passwords in a text file to recover the password.

Bruteforce Method of Recovery:Bruteforce is one of the most popular method of recovery.

Prefix and Suffix:Set prefix and suffix if you have any idea about them

Supports machine restart:You can restart your machine and sill continue the recovery process from the point where it was before the machine shutdown.

Supports all the latest version of Windows.:It can run on all the latest version of windows, namely windows 7, windows 8, windows vista

Excellent Customer Service:The support team tries to solve your isssue as fast as they can



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