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KoolWire P2P is a newly developed p2p client which means you have the latest file sharing technology working on your side to make that downloading experience the best that you have ever had. Inspired by the worldwide popular Limewire, this software leaps forward to offer even more convenience and user-friendliness, simply put: it's more simple, safer, faster. Since it supports the Gnutella p2p protocol, KoolWire can easily (and automatically) connect with all those using a client that supports Gnutella.

KoolWire P2P is all about looks and brains; its interface has both a very nice design and a very well thought out structure with a good, logical placement of the icons and taskbars. The program shows two search bars and two sidebars which will make your orientation quite easy; you have the uppermost search bar designed for global search, exploring users over the P2P network are trading, and you have another one (placed on the right) whose function is to search your library. Additionally, there is a full-page connection monitor to enable easy tracking of incoming searches of the folder that you are sharing with all the users. It can also help you track files that other people are uploading from your computer.

Here are KoolWire's Key Features:

- Includes Integrated Bittorrent Support.
- Offers System Tray Notifications (you will always know when your downloads finish).
- Includes Mojito DHT (Distributed Hash Table) Support.
- TLS (Transport Layer Security) Support (for a safer connection).
- Provides a better control over the folders you share.
- Enables Firewall to Firewall Transfers.
- Offers better network connections.
- Offers UPnP support.
- Offers support for iTunes.
- Search drill down results.
- Offers proxy support.



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