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The HttpLogBrowser is a free Windows desktop application that helps analyze HTTP logs of web sites hosted either in IIS or in Microsoft Azure or in Apache web servers. With this tool its easy to find abnormal or peak activity thanks to a statistic evolution chart that let you zoom in specific periods of time to see what's going on. It's then easy to determine involved web pages or IP addresses thanks to the automatically calculated field statistics. Just with a click on a value it's possible to filter down the view to problematic web requests.
The application can also help to easily determine the origin of visitors that land on a web site and follow their browse history by filtering the view on a tracking cookie. Any cookie or query parameter can be extracted in a new field to facilitate the analysis and filter down the web requests more easily with relevant information.

- Fields with always the same value are removed from the log view and the statistics and are displayed in a specific panel to lighten the logs and focus on what is changing.
- Up to 2 million log rows can be loaded in memory for analysis
- Ability to define profiles for log files of web sites you regularly analyze.
- Extract fields from the user agent string (e.g. browser, OS, device).
- Ability to extract the ASP.NET session ID and the PHP session ID from the cookie field.
- Ability to extract keywords for some search engines (Bing for now) from the referrer
- Ability to extract the gclid for Google ads landing when auto tagging is enabled
- The country of client IP addresses can be determined
- Client IP addresses can be resolved to their host name
- Request to some kind of files can be excluded from the analysis (e.g. css, png, json) to keep only requests to pages.
- Request to some URLs on the web site can be ignored
- A tracking field can be configured to remember the origin of visitors



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