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Beginning a major revolution in music, SuperConductor, a breakthrough desktop program, organically alters the way every single note is played in subtlest detail:

SuperConductor provides each note with individualized custom shapes, vibratos, durations and loudnesses, giving true life to the music, according to your concept, as only the finest artist can.

User friendly controls give you global control over the music interpretation, without having to separately adjust individual notes. With SuperConductor you can realize your concept of the music, be it one of the masterworks, or your own newest musical creation - with true Stradivarius sound, or other orchestral instruments - solo and in combination - with up to 128 voices.

SuperConductor includes beautifully interpreted, complete performances and original scores of 240 classical masterwork pieces of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and other masters. Over 40 hours of music!

And in an instant, your imported Midi files no longer sound flat!

Create your own instrument sample and acquire them from other samplers.

Use advanced MIDI importing and exporting features.

Create streaming internet music files for your own web page.



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