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Get current wind conditions, detailed wind forecasts, and wind notifications anywhere, anytime on your cell phone, PDA, or via your internet browser. No matter where you are, if you can access the internet with your cell phone, you can access wind and wind affecting weather information at over 2800 locations in North America, the Carribean, and may other countries. A service created by sailors, for sailors.


- Current wind conditions includes exact time of reading, average sustained wind, gusts, peak wind, exact heading (in compass degrees), arc data if provided by NOAA (wind shifts), cloud cover, temperature, and general phenomena. Units can be Mph/Fahrenheit or Knots/Celsius.

- Detailed wind forecast for the next 24 hours including transitions and rate of transitions if provided. Also, the exact time of forecast is given to gauge accuracy. Most often, the forecast is composed of a sequence of (direction/velocity pairs) every 4-5 hours for a 24 hour period. Units again can be Mph/Fahrenheit or Knots/Celsius.

- Ability to receive SMS/email notifications when the wind gets to be above a certain velocity or if the wind is forecasted to get above a certain velocity. You can identify which stations to check, the time of day and day of week to check, how often to check, threshold, and the units you wish to receive your notification in (kt or mph).

- Includes Access to the WindTrack Network where you can get instant wind information on your mobile device from stations that sailors add themselves.

Purchase Information

What you are purchasing here is a license to unlock the product. You must have a phone or PDA that can run J2ME (Java) applications to use this product. To download this product, access the download site directly using your phone's browser or download it directly to your PC and subsequently transfer the application to your mobile device. Please see for details.