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Message Router is a Business::Applications software developed by Wisware Software Technologies Studio. After our trial and test, the software was found to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Message Router: Message Router can forward sms according to user desired forward rules (route table). With the application you can make your phone to be a sms router, which receives incoming sms and then forward to other phones. The forward destination is determined by incoming phone number and route table.

- Generic Route -
Generic route is also called "static route". The application receives incoming sms and matches its phone number to route table. If the incoming phone number applies to a route rule, the sms will be forward to corresponding destination number. In this application, incoming sms is called "inbound message", forward sms is called "outbound message".

For instance, we have configured a route table on the phone as below.

Priority Inbound Outbound
1 4456* 1111111
2 1234567 2222222
3 7654321 3333333

The route table contains 3 route rules. Each rule has 3 properties: priority, inbound number and outbound number. Inbound number stands for the phone numbers of incoming sms. You can put dozens of numbers in inbound, using "," as separator. You can also use wildcard characters "*" and "?", where "*" matches zero or more consecutive occurrences of any character and "?" matches a single occurrence of any character. In our example, inbound of the first rule, "4456*", means any number start with "4456". Outbound number stands for the phone number sms be forwarded to. You can put dozens of numbers in outbound, using "," as separator.


When a sms is received, the application will check its sender phone number. If the sender phone number applies to the inbound of a route rule, the sms will be forwarded to the outbound number of this rule. In case a incoming sms phone number applies to more than one rule inbounds, the higher priority rule takes effect.

In our example, sms from any number starts with "4456" is forwarded to 1111111. Sms from 1234567 is forwarded to 2222222. Sms from 7654321 is forwarded to 333333. If you want to all other sms be forwarded to 4444444, just add a new rule with priority 4, set its inbound as "*" and outbound as "444444".

Priority Inbound Outbound
4 * 4444444

The application can attach the information of incoming sms sender to outbound message. The information includes sender's phone number and name (in case the sender name is in phone contact book).When you add a rule to the rule table, you can set weather to attach inbound information.

- Dynamic Route -
Dynamic route is a more flexible way to route message. The sms sender can manually set an outbound phone number in his sms. For instance, a sender sends below sms to the message router phone.


Since the sender's phone number is in dynamic route list, and this sms contains dynamic route command, a sms "Hello!" will be sent to 4567890.


The dynamic route command must in the beginning of a sms and marks with "#" at start and end. You may put dozens of outbound numbers between the "#" markers, using "," as separator.

Dynamic route always takes higher priority than generic route.

You must put the phone numbers which allowed sending dynamic route command in dynamic route list. Dynamic route command from unauthorized phone numbers does not take effect. you can download Message Router 1.2 free now.

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