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Custom Icon (Single Draft All-Inclusive Pricing Model) is a eBooks software developed by inviticon. After our trial and test, the software was found to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Custom Icon (Single Draft All-Inclusive Pricing Model):

Custom Icon (Single Draft All-Inclusive)

How To Order Custom Icons (Single Draft All-Inclusive)

Thank you for your interest in a prepaid single draft all-inclusive custom icon. This document explains how to proceed towards your custom icon.


For easier processing, please follow the below steps in given order.

  1. Read the below contract carefully and completely.
  2. Prepay here on share*it!® (press the "buy" button to pay and implicitly agree to the below contract).
  3. After that send an email to inviticon, what term (subject, verb, etc.) the icon shall visualize (mandatory) and what it shall be like (optional).
  4. Your icon will arrive by email after about two weeks. Feel free to do anything what you like with it. There are no constraints or royalties, since this is a prepaid all-inclusive offer.

Custom Icon (Single Draft All-Inclusive) Contract for Work and Materials

You -below referred to as the customer- and Dipl.-Des. (FH) Stefanie KARG, Salierstra├če 18, 75177 Pforzheim, Federal Republik of Germany -below referred to as inviticon- are concluding the following agreement:

§1 Subject-Matter of the contract

The customer specifies one term for which he wants to get an icon. inviticon is creating one icon visualizing that term and grants the below described licence to the customer.

§1.1 Design Guidelines

The customer will not claim any particular design guideline.

The design of the icon will follow the current trends in icon design as noticeable in latest operating systems, but it will not directly follow any particular guideline or design directive. In particular, inviticon will try to apply a mixture of the designs found in Windows XP and Windows Vista, but none of those designs will get matched exactly. The customer will accept any deviations from Windows XP and Windows Vista guidelines to the sole discretion of inviticon.

§1.2 Creative Freedom

While the customer may specify ideas or sketches what the visual representation of that term could be like, those ideas or sketches are not part of this contract. inviticon is not bound to any of that ideas or sketches, but only to inviticon's personal interpretation of the ordered term itself. The actual decision on a particular symbol and it's graphical design is up to inviticon's sole discretion, and the actually choosen symbol or design is not mandatory among the customer's ideas or sketches.

The contract shall be said to be fulfilled as soon as one icon was designed and delivered, independent of the fact that the customer possibly does not like the choosen symbol or design. The customer understands that inviticon is not bound to the customers' preferences, ideas or sketches or personal taste.

§1.3 Technical Constraints

The customer will get the icon as one .ico file containing four images:

  • 16x16 Pixels at 32 Bit Color Depth
  • 32x32 Pixels at 32 Bit Color Depth
  • 48x48 Pixels at 32 Bit Color Depth
  • 256x256 Pixels at 32 Bit Color Depth (PNG compressed)

The customer will also get the icon as four separate .png files in the abovementioned sizes and resolutions, with one size per file.

§2 Later Changes

Any changes requested by the customer, in particular but not limited to different symbols or designs, accordance to particular design guidelines, explicit technical changes, like different sizes, file formats, or color depths, are not part of this contract.

inviticon will submit a separate offer about those additional services.

§3 Licence

§3.1 Copyright Owner

inviticon hereby affirms that the icon will be created personally, completely and solely by inviticon and all rights are exclusively reserved by inviticon, including but not limited to the declaration of being the single copyright owner.

§3.2 Licenced Rights

inviticon grants to the customer the spatiotemporal unlimited right to use and sell the created icon in both, modified and unmodified form, standalone or included in larger works.

The customer may grant and transfer these rights to third parties without further notification or admission of inviticon, including the right to grant these rights.

The rights will not get granted if the icon price (reduced by discounts potentially granted by inviticon) is not completely paid.

The customer shall not become the copyright owner and shall not get granted any rights besides the aforementioned.

§4 Liability

The customer shall be liable for ensuring that the provided icon does not breach any law or rights, including but not limited to advertisement law, copyright law and competition law, and shall hold inviticon free and harmless of any claims by third parties arising from an infringement of any laws or rights.

inviticon will neither investigate nor check nor ensure in any way that the created icon is free of any third party claims.

§5 Exclusiveness

Unless otherwise agreed, the aforementioned granted rights shall be exclusive.

§5.1 Disclaim of Exclusiveness for Reference Icons

inviticon can ask for disclaim of exclusiveness to use the icon for marketing purposes. If the customer explicitly agrees to this request, inviticon is allowed to use the icon for any of inviticon's own marketing purposes, including but not limited to inviticon's own web site, adverts on inviticon's own or other websites or printed magazines, flyers, brouchers and any other materials. inviticon must still not use the icon for any other purposes.

In case of such an agreement, inviticon will grant a discount of up to ten percent of the icon's price.

Once disclaimed exclusiveness, the customer can never demand back exclusiveness.

§5.2 Disclaim of Exclusiveness for Stock Icons

inviticon can ask for general disclaim of exclusiveness. If the customer explicitly agrees to this request, the customer will only receive a non-exclusive licence. In that case inviticon may advertise and sell the icon as a stock icon to anybody else, and grant the aforementioned licence to anybody else, without further notice or admission of the customer.

In case of such an agreement, inviticon will grant a discount of up to twenty five percent of the icon's price.

Once disclaimed exclusiveness, the customer can never demand back exclusiveness.

§5.3 Reference Customer Agreement

inviticon can ask the customer to become a reference customer. If the customer explicitly agrees to this request, the customer's name and logo and web site adress may be used in any marketing materials of inviticon and the customer's web site may get linked from inviticon's web site.

In case of such an agreement, inviticon will grant a discount of up to ten percent of the icon's price.

Once granted, the customer can revoke the reference customer agreement at any time, but he will bear any expenses resulting from the revokement, even if these costs exceed the price of the icon. In case of revokement, inviticon will remove the customer's name and logo and web site address and link to the web site from inviticon's web site within two weeks, but inviticon is not bound to collect any already distributed printed materials containing the name, logo or web site address of the former reference customer.

§6 Payment

The customer will pay a fixed all-inclusive price of 75 ? per icon before inviticon is starting to create the icon ("Prepaid").

inviticon will start work as soon as the amount is completely transfered to inviticon's bank account.

Any discounts agreed upon will get paid back after the icon is finally delivered by inviticon.

§7 Termination

This agreement starts as soon as the customer has placed the order, either explicitly by ordering, or by implied acting, paying the price or a part of the price, or sending terms, ideas or sketches of what icons are wanted.

Both parties can terminate this agreement at any time.

inviticon will only terminate the agreement if there are good reasons, like but not limited to legal infringements or impossibility to deliver. If inviticon is terminate the agreement, the customer will get back the complete, actually paid price, but not more, and no licence will get granted and no icon will get provided to the customer. The customer must then stop using the icon as soon as possible.

If the customer is terminating the agreement, but inviticon already started to work on the icon, he will not get back the icon's price, neither complete nor in part. The customer agrees that inviticon keeps the complete price without providing any actual icon in that case.

§8 Place of Performance and Jurisdiction

United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) shall not get applied.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed solely in accordance with German law.

Place of performance is Pforzheim, Germany.

The courts of Pforzheim, Germany shall have jurisdiction.

§9 Final Clause

No terms and conditions not mentioned in this contract will ever get part of this contract unless explicitly agreed by both sides. This explicitly includes, but is not limited to, General Terms and Conditions.

§9.1 Invalid Clauses

The inoperativeness of one or several provisions of this contract does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In such case a provision is applicable which meets best the legal and economic aim of the inoperative provision. This does not apply in case complying with the terms of the contract would constitute unreasonable hardship for one or both of the parties.

you can download Custom Icon (Single Draft All-Inclusive Pricing Model) 1.0 free now.

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