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StringEncryptL is part of a utility application family (StringEncryptL, StringEncryptW, StringEncryptX) that allows the user to both encrypt/encode and decode/decrypt a piece of text. The primary purpose is to allow software developers to hide their string constants by encrypting/encoding them to make the harder for crackers to determine their contents.
Encryption is performed using a simple XOR cipher, using the user-supplied encryption key, and it is then Base64 encoded.
Decryption is performed by Base64 decoding the text and then decrypting it using the user-supplied encryption key.
The encryption results are presented to the user in both normal text and in reverse formats.
To use StringEncrypt, simply enter (or generate) an encryption key, enter the source string and click the Encrypt/Encode button. Then copy either the result or the reversed result into your source file.
In order to use the encrypted string you will need to create a few helper routines (Base64 decode, XOR decrypt and a reverse string function if you choose to use the reversed result) to decode/decrypt the string at runtime.



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