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Finger Physics is a Audio & Multimedia::iPod software developed by PressOK Entertainment. After our trial and test, the software was found to be official, secure and free. Here is the official description for Finger Physics: ********

Our 1 day free event has ended, but do not fret, you can still give your fingers 14 stages and 126 levels of Finger Fun for only $.99 - that's right, ninety-nine pennies.

Your fingers will happily pull those out of your couch for you!


***Finger Physics Reviews***

"4.5/5 - Fans of physics puzzlers will definitely want to feast on this smorgasbord of balancing, stacking, and toppling goodness."

"For 99 cents, I?d recommend everyone go out and buy this application. It?s in the top 10 paid applications for a reason."

"Finger Physics is AWESOME!!"
- Eros Resmini, OpenFeint

"New elements make this physics gaming compound fresh and fun to play."
8/10 and Silver Medal by PocketGamer


When was the last time you had an honest conversation with your fingers? Do you really know how much fun they are having on a daily basis? You use them to play games on your iPhone and iPod touch you say, but are you sure they aren?t tired of the same screen mashing, pointing and line drawing? No, you aren?t sure, you thoughtless wielder of tiny appendages.

Luckily for you (lucky because we don?t even want to talk about what it looks like when your fingers go into all out revolt mode), we did ask what your fingers want. Did you know that 9 out of 10 fingers agreed that magnetized blocks, explosive shapes, under water puzzles, low gravity environments and speed play levels were essential to the perfect finger fun? You didn't, did you, could you be more selfish?

Here?s what else they told us:

Pinky: ?I just want to be involved, I don?t care how, I just want to have some fun. While the other fingers get to play puzzle games, I?m stuck where I can?t even see. You don?t know how bad life is until a thumb calls you ?stubby?.?

Ring Finger: ?Seriously, stop playing with the ring. It?s bad enough that I?m constantly choking, but taking it on and off is torture. You take it off, I think I?m free, and then you put it right back on again. I hate you.?

Middle Finger: ?I?m totally satisfied with my role as the longest, most meaningful finger.?

Index Finger: ?Give me some mental stimulation, some physics or something; if I have to draw another line I?m pretending I have leprosy. I want a game where I get to build not only for height, but stability as well. Come talk to me when you?ve got that.?

Thumb: ?I want to compete. Present me with some challenges and I?ll show you who?s the most ?dexterous?. Though clearly ?stubby? won?t be much of a challenge.?

Shocked? Yea, us too. We can?t help ?Pinky? (no one can) or ?Ring Finger?, but Finger Physics is everything Index Fingers and Thumbs could want. With 14 stages, over 120 challenging puzzles and 7 distinct modes, Finger Physics provides you with your best chance to give back to those digits that you have so thoughtlessly neglected over the years.

Clearly, thumbs have something to prove (not that we?re here to judge), so we?ve added an almost unlimited amount of achievements allowing them to strut their stuff against fingers world-wide. Index fingers got their stability mode on top of a mode requiring them to strategically guide an egg in to its nest; we threw that one in just to shake things up for middle fingers.

At the Finger Physics launch party, Fingers were giggling, whooping it up, and engaging in riotous shadow puppetry in celebration of its availability.

Like what you see? Check out our other iPhone games including America?s Next Top Model, Bumper Stars, Go Fish Multiplayer, and Gin Rummy Deluxe. You can also follow us on Twitter at

Finger Physics is OpenFeint Enabled.
you can download Finger Physics free now.

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