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  1. 1TextPipe Standard 392811 downloads
  2. 2AnyChart JS Charts and Dashboards 45390 downloads
  3. 3Perfect Keyboard, Free Edition 27267 downloads
  4. 4ActivePresenter 13315 downloads
  5. 5MixPad Professional Audio Mixer 6996 downloads
  6. 6Prism Plus Edition 3340 downloads
  7. 7Switch Plus 2308 downloads
  8. 8TextPipe Engine 1997 downloads
  9. 9Ares Galaxy Turbo Booster 1714 downloads
  10. 10Trojan Remover 1335 downloads
In Windows > Top Freeware
  1. 1Perfect Keyboard, Free Edition 27295 downloads
  2. 2ECTkeyboard 35566 downloads
  3. 3ActivePresenter 13315 downloads
  4. 4Clipboard Magic 482 downloads
  5. 5British Bingo 303 downloads
  6. 6ExtremeCopy 325 downloads
  7. 7Extreme Injector 72 downloads
  8. 8FBackup 322 downloads
  9. 9Cubic Clipboard Helper 1124 downloads
  10. 10Enigma Virtual Box 82 downloads