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SFX Machine Pro for Macintosh (VST and Audio Unit) SFX Machine RT for Macintosh Backwards Machine for Macintosh OS X (VST and Audio Unit) Backwards Machine for Macintosh VST and Audio Unit L1V limiter maximizer - Windows (DirectX VST) "Wider Boy Pro" VST plug-in "Extra Boy Pro" VST plug-in "Elevayta Extra Boy Pro" VST plug-in SQLAPI++ Library Pro Full (Pro Windows + Pro Linux Unix The Literary Machine Pro User Guide sfx sfx encrypted zip sfx Make SFX sfx performance voice sfx free zip sfx z upmaker sfx control Blowfish RC6 crypt sfx Active Multimedia SFX Library (downloadable versio windows xp pro Windows . Pro Windows Pro Active Multimedia SFX Library (downloadable version - MP3) ASTRO For Windows Pro Wirecast Pro Windows Windows Pro Upgrade ScholarWord PRO for Windows windows pro 64bits DivX Pro for Windows TextSpeech Pro Platinum for Windows v . . 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