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HotHotSoftware: GMail Download Gmail Email to your computer HotHotSoftware: GMail Extract e-mail addresses from G-Mail Account Software HotHotSoftware: GMail Print Multiple Emails or Single Gmail E-mails HotHotSoftware: HTML/Text File Find and Replace
HotHotSoftware: Image time stamp software with dates and timestamp pictures HotHotSoftware: Internet cleaner eraser and tracks eraser history privacy Software HotHotSoftware: ISBN Lookup and ISBN Search for multiple books with ISBN HotHotSoftware: Join multiple text or csv files together HotHotSoftware: JPG JPEG Image File Size Reducer and Batch Image Resizer! HotHotSoftware: Keyboard Shortcuts and Automatic Hot Key and Macro Recorder HotHotSoftware: Keyword generation software for search engine optimization HotHotSoftware: Keyword Tool for website optimization and more HotHotSoftware: List Management software to remove/replace/sort/compare and more software HotHotSoftware: MS Access Change Text Case to Uppercase Lowercase Propercase and Sentence Case HotHotSoftware: MS Access Combine Fields Merge Fields Merge Data HotHotSoftware: MS Access Remove Delete or Replace Text and Characters From Fields! HotHotSoftware: MS Access Split Fields and MS Access Spit Database Entries HotHotSoftware: MS Word 2007 Ribbon to Old MS Word Classic Menu Toolbar Interface HotHotSoftware: MS Word Add Append Change Headers and or Footers to Multiple Word Documents Software HotHotSoftware: MS Word Change Font Change Font Attributes software! HotHotSoftware: MS Word Extract Data and Text from Multiple Word Documents Software HotHotSoftware: MS Word Extract E-Mail Addresses from Multiple Files and Documents Software HotHotSoftware: MS Word Extract Images from multiple files HotHotSoftware: MS Word Find and Replace Text in Documents HotHotSoftware: MS Word Insert Images and Pictures all at once HotHotSoftware: MS Word Mail Merge Split Software to divide Mail Merged Documents HotHotSoftware: MS Word Merge, Combine and Join Multiple MS Word Documents Software HotHotSoftware: MS Word Multiple File Print HotHotSoftware: MS Word Remove Headers and Remove Footers from Multiple Word Documents HotHotSoftware: MS Word Split, Divide and Save Pages into Separate or Multiple Files Software HotHotSoftware: PDF Image Extract to extract images from PDF files Software HotHotSoftware: PDF Merging Software HotHotSoftware: PDF Multiple PDF File Print HotHotSoftware: Print File List and Print Folder Contents from directory list HotHotSoftware: Print Multiple web pages and print multiple websites at once HotHotSoftware: Random lottery number generator HotHotSoftware: Random Name Generator HotHotSoftware: Random Number Generator to create random number sequences software, random integers HotHotSoftware: Reformat Text Document File Reformatter and text wrapper HotHotSoftware: Scratch and Win Game card maker to make instant scratch tickets Software HotHotSoftware: Search files for text and Find Files with specified text HotHotSoftware: Select Random Lines and Random Select from Multiple Text Files HotHotSoftware: Sort Text Lists, Alphabetically (asc/desc), and by column HotHotSoftware: Speed Dating Event Matchmaking application to match dates and speed daters Software HotHotSoftware: String replace text/Find and replace text for multiple files with regular expression HotHotSoftware: Strip HTML Tags from files Remove HTML Tags and extract HTML from Text HotHotSoftware: Text to hex, binary, Text to octal... software HotHotSoftware: Text to HTML converter for multiple text files to html files HotHotSoftware: Text to XML Software HotHotSoftware: Ultimate Unit Converter!

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In Windows > Free Downloads
  1. 1TextPipe Standard 392814 downloads
  2. 2AnyChart JS Charts and Dashboards 46207 downloads
  3. 3Perfect Keyboard, Free Edition 28075 downloads
  4. 4ActivePresenter 13322 downloads
  5. 5MixPad Professional Audio Mixer 6997 downloads
  6. 6Prism Plus Edition 3342 downloads
  7. 7Switch Plus 2309 downloads
  8. 8TextPipe Engine 1999 downloads
  9. 9Ares Galaxy Turbo Booster 1716 downloads
  10. 10Trojan Remover 1335 downloads
In Windows > Top Freeware
  1. 1Perfect Keyboard, Free Edition 28096 downloads
  2. 2ECTkeyboard 36325 downloads
  3. 3ActivePresenter 13322 downloads
  4. 4Clipboard Magic 483 downloads
  5. 5British Bingo 304 downloads
  6. 6ExtremeCopy 325 downloads
  7. 7Extreme Injector 73 downloads
  8. 8FBackup 323 downloads
  9. 9Cubic Clipboard Helper 1125 downloads
  10. 10Enigma Virtual Box 83 downloads