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Volume 0053r: Improve Your Ability to Calculate Chess Variations Volume 0054r - Getting the Winning Edge in the Middle Game Volume 0055r - Tribute to Bobby Fischer Volume 0056r: Reverse Openings Advantages and Disavantages of playing The Scillian,Kings Indian,French
Volume 0057r - Man vs. Machine (4-4) 2 Wins 2 Draws 2 Losses Volume 0058r - Taking Advantage of Common Endgame Volume 0059r: Attacking the Kings Indian defense with the Samisch Volume 0060r -Attacking Gambits and Opening Pawn Sacrifices to achieve the Initiative and Sharpen your Volume 0061r: Attacking Chess Series - Art of Instant Attacks Volume 0062,63,64r - Russian School of Chess Parts 1,2, 3 Volume 0065r:The Difference Between Sound and Unsound Ways To Play Sharp Openings Volume 0066r: New and Improved Accelerated Dragon Volume 0067r: Progressive Way of Handling the Maroczy Bind Volume 0068r - VQd6 Scandinavian#1 Underestimated Weapon Volume 0069r - Dzindzi Anti-English Complete and Ambitious Volume 0070r: Refuting Previous Sound Opening Lines With Surgical Precision Volume 0071r - New Improved Lines and Novelties in the Caro Kann Volume 0072r - Complete Greenfield Defense with New Secrets Volume 0073r - Complete Grunfield Defense with New Secrets Volume 0074r: The Dynamic Catalan An Ambitious Opening Volume 0075r - Slaying The Dragon Volume 0076r - Beating 1_d4 White avoids playing -Part1 Volume 0077r: Beating 1.d4 White avoids playing Part2 Volume 0078r - Razor Sharp Lines in the Semi Slav Part 1 Volume 0079r: Dynamic Positional Lines in the Semi Slav Part 2 Volume 0080r - Simple Universal Way To Play Against of all Volume 0081r:Easy and Promisng Way for White to Play against the Najdorf Sicilian Volume 0082r:Easy to Learn Ambitious System for White to Play against The Hippo,Modern and Pirc Defen Volume 0083r Staggering New Novelities in the Gran Prix, Grunfeld, and Accelerated Dragon Volume 0084r:Rybka's Quest for Replacing The Ruy Lopez with the Giucoco Piano New way to Play Against Volume 0085r:Understanding The ConCept Of the Middlegame Based on Opening Strategy Volume 0086r:Highly Instructive and Educational games for the Grand Prix Player Volume 0087r: Highly Instructive and Educational games for the Scotch Player Volume 0088r: Highly Instructive and Educational games for the Accelerated Dragon Player Volume 0089r: Highly Instructive and educational game for Black against the Maroczy Bind Volume 0090r: New Revelations For B&W in the Burn-M orozevich Variation of the French Volume 0091r - Practical Killer Traps & Super Sharp Lines for the 1. e4 Player Volume 0092r:Staggering Novelties that Rewrite Modern Opening, Incredible New Theory in the Scotch & A Volume 0093r: Highly Instructive and educational games for the English Palyer Volume 0094r - Highly Instructive & Educational Games for the Dynamic Reti Player Volume 0095r - Highly Instructive & Educational Game for the Scandinavian Nf6 & Qxd5 Center Counter Pl Volume 0096r - Highly Instructive & Educational Game to Dismantle the Petroff Defence at the Highest L Volume 0097r - Simple and Comfortable Systems in the Caro-Kann Volume 0098r - c3 Sicilian Alapin Variation Volume 0099r: Simple Universal Way To Play Against All the Slav Systems Volume 0100r: - Chess Potpourri - Centennial Commemorative Edition Volume 0101r - Quick & easier way to learn the Kings Volume 0102r - Killing The Sicilian With The Grand Prix Attack Volume 0103r - Winning with new Attacking lines (Alekhine,Caro-Kann,French, & Center Counter Volume 0104r: Amazing Tactical Possibilities in The Najdorf

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