5 best Free Fire pets to pair with Chrono

5 best Free Fire pets

Well if you good player of Garena free fire and looking for free fire pets. Then we would like to tell you that we are 5 best Free Fire pets which will be available with combination of Chrono. So with this combination you will get the finest battles in Free Fire.

While laying Free Fire pets are the only companions of players in Free Fire, and they have special abilities that help the players immensely in the game. With suitable characters and available pets you would have a balanced game to play.

What are the 5 best Free Fire pets to pair with Chrono?

All the characters and pets combination will help you to enhance your game. with these 5 best Free Fire pets you will get some special skills while you play. So these pets could play an important role while you play.


This is most popular pet you may ever see with the, combination of given character while you play. The combination of Rocky and chrono makes the character so cool and more effective for all players.

It decreases the cool down period of the equipped active skill by 6% and at the peak level, the cool down period is reduced by 15%. This reduces Chrono’s massive cool down, making it more feasible on the battlefield.

So that’s why everyone has the first choice for all active players of Free Fire game. Here the character and pet combination makes so much difference in a game.


With Falco you will have the ability to boost your Skyline Spree, and improves the ability to maximize speed while skydiving adding 15% to your diving. More over when you open your parachute diving speed increases up to 25%.

Once a player reaches level three, the percentage of speed may rise up to a limit of 45% and 50% consequently. All these elements in the game effects the entire team performance, allowing all players to land with the maximum speed they get while landing.

You can avoid this pet while you are in the clash squad mode where all players doesn’t have to skydive or slide in the game.

Detective Panda

Although Detective Panda is the third pet on this list, an skill called ‘Panda’s Blessings’. It gives players 4 HP after taking out an enemy at level 1. After the pet touches level 3 (maximum), the amount of HP earned is 10.

The extra HP players get can definitely help them during a match when using the Chrono character. With the help of this pet you don’t have to worry about extra powers you just have to get this pet and enjoy the greatest game.

With the levels you reach in the game of free fire every level helps you to maximize your HP levels. This can be said as the most preffered combination of pet and chorono.


Dreki is additional excellent choice to pair with Chrono, it may be said as the finest choices of all Free Fire players. Dragon Glare detects an opponent using Medkit within 10 meters and lasts for three seconds.

Meanwhile, at the pet’s maximum level, users can see up to four opponents using Medkits within a 100-foot radius. The skill lasts a total of 5 seconds. All users have to maximize chances of completing levels and getting maximum rewards.

So you can maximize the range to find all your enemies in the Garena. More pets with more characters chages the game and performance.


With Ottero pet abilities and its performance makes it the refined pet to enhance the game. Performance that’s why it’s believed to be the most popular pet you may ever have in the Garena Free Fire.

Ottero is another good option for the players. Using a Treatment Gun or a Medkit, Ottero’s ability, Double Blubber, will restore a certain amount of EP.

At the base level of this pet, the EP gain is 35 percent. When reaching the highest level it becomes 65%.

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Final Words

Garena game have these 5 best Free Fire pets which will help you in enhancing the powers. While you clear certain levels all pets will help you to double the abilities of the characters you play in the game. maximize the chances with all these pets you get with the finest character chrono.

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