The Best Free Android Apps for 2022

Best Android Apps for 2022

Your Android mobile is a jack of all trades thanks to an evolving and diversifying world of apps that push its capabilities a notch up, every passing moment. So here we will discuss the best Android apps for 2022.

The time of the smartphone as a device for communication and conversation has long evolved into a variety of fields. That is why this handheld phone or tablet is a lot of things for us in a given time.

It could be our weather reporter, our live TV screen, our real-time communicator, our compass, our internet browser, our office, our home security tab, and much more.

It can give even better output and save your time on a lot of fronts if you know which app to install on your device. Each recommendation put here is a must-have for you. No matter what profession you follow or what field you are in. These are the best and more than that free. So give them a try in the year 2022.

Best Free Android Apps for 2022

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Out of thousands of apps out there on the PlayStore and other sites, it is hard to pick the best ones in any category.

Here we will include the must have that a common user generally needs. Moreover, keeping the special times in mind we will focus more on some apps that will come handy at this time.

Furthermore, we have a list of best offline android games in 2022 which you will find informative as well.

Brave Browser

The first thing you are going to do when you get your phone is to connect to the internet. We know that it is not always about using WhatsApp or Instagram. A considerable time online is spent browsing the extensive network.

So for that, you need a browser. There are big names and nail-biting competition among them to get your attention. But what we recommend for you is Brave Browser. It is all about your privacy and data protection.

All the features of Brave are aimed at ensuring this, this means blocking ads, scripts, pop-ups, and third-party cookies. Moreover, it makes sure, your communication with websites is secure. Easy to use, and minimalist design, a definite first choice for you.


With so much happening indoor for the last couple of years and no signs of proper recovery in near future. Our lifestyles have drastically changed and we have willingly or unwillingly become sedentary, even more than we were before.

So here is Fitbit is an app that you must have on your android mobile phone or tablet. It counts your steps and other activities and helps you achieve daily health goals. Using the social feature, you can share your tasks to get a competitive atmosphere. Stay active, stay healthy with FitBit in 2022.


This is your connection to every podcast out there. Here they are organized by any subject to get your favorite titles. Or use the search option and look for any familiar one you want to go back to.

Once done, on Stitcher, you can organize your favorites by category. Make a continuous stream of the best ones in one go.

It will recommend you new ones based on your listening history. This could be awesome, as Stitcher has something of everything to put in your recommendation. One of the best if you cannot access Apple podcasts.

PicsArt Photo Studio

If you are struggling to pick the best in the ocean of all kinds of image editors for your phone, PicsArt is a contender to the best ones out there. Here you can use effects, drawing tools, collages, or utilize controls over layers just from this single application.

If you are looking to give your creativity a working collection of tools, it is the choice for you, hands down. With PicsArt on your device, you don’t need expensive and hard-to-use tools built for this purpose.


With everything switching online it is hard to make a schedule that is perfect for every other person involved. Doodle will let you suggest a feasible time and find out which one is suitable for everyone.

With this planning tool on your hand, you will never be in trouble or wasting time asking everyone for their timeslot. These and a lot more features make Doodle one among the best android apps for 2022.


Use this powerful tool to organize anything you want. This is a note-taking app that you must-have for productivity enhancement. Make notes of anything starting from images, audio files, text, or videos, and organize them into clean notebooks.

Organize and finish projects in your own time as you can use Evernote to work in patches. Explore it and you will find it a must-have tool for productivity and ease of workflow.


IFTTT is short for ‘If this, then that,’ It is developed to help you create custom automation between various devices and online services without having to learn to code. Setup the applets or use the community-created ones and make your life easier. If you are using smart home services, it is a must-have for you.


We cannot remember how much we spent and where and when. But don’t worry with Mint on your Android device, you are covered.

It lets you keep good track of your finances. Here you have to enter all the relevant information, you can check the debits and credits any time.

Make and keep to goals or create billing schedules so that you never miss the last date and incur fines. A lot more as you explore the application.


This is a short but must-have list of the best android apps for 2022 on your smartphone. Add these to your device and take your mobile utility to a whole new level. What other apps would you like to add to this list, let us know in the comments below.

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