Top Personalization Apps for Android

Personalization Apps

Android users mostly want to enhance the look of their devices. There are numerous applications out there, which can help users in changing the look of their devices. Here users will be able to find the list of Top Personalization Apps for Android.  Phone customization is going to be very easy now.

These applications will help the users in customizing the look of devices.  There are multiple types of options available for the users to try. There will be a launcher app, Wallpaper apps, Home screen Icons changers, and many more.  These tools will completely change the layout to a completely new one.

There are many users out there who do not have enough resources to buy new phones. Everyone desire of using a new cell phone but their resources create issues. Now with the help of launcher apps, users have the option of using the layout of any new Android device. Some launchers also offer an IOS layout.

There are some very famous launcher apps that help the user in changing the view of Android to IOS. Using the latest device is just not possible for many because of the immensely high prices. Android users now have an option of experiencing the same feel. There will be no need of paying a penny.

We have tried our best to list down free Apps. But almost all the free apps will be offering in-app payments.  There might be some people who would be interested in buying the premium service for added features and services. There will be enough free features and services offered for others.


This application will be offering a huge list of Wallpapers and Ringtones. The Wallpapers library is going to be really huge and the best part is that it keeps getting updated from time to time. It will be offering trending ringtones for the device. It will provide a complete explore menu for the ringtones.

The interface of the application is really interactive.  It will help the users in exploring a lot of wallpapers. There are multiple search filters available for the viewers to explore new images. It will also be providing a lot of Notification tones and alarm tunes.

There will be a huge list of live wallpapers which do not drain the battery. It will be offering a huge list of categories for live wallpaper. These categories will help the user in finding the desired covers. It also lets you add the most used and favorite wallpapers and sounds to the favorites list.

Apex Launcher

This launcher tool is going to be very fun to use. It will help the user in completely changing the interface of the device. It has a number of stylish designs to offer. There will be changes made to the Icons layout and other aspects of the home screen. This is a must-try launcher if anyone wants a change.

It does not offer interface personalization features. With this tool, personal data on the apps can be secured easily. It provides a password protection option and this is going to be the most useful. Now you can add password protection to any application you want on the phone. The process is going to be very simple.

Mostly the launcher apps do not perform well. There are lagging and bad response problems while usage. The creators of this application are giving you the guarantee that this tool will be working smoothly. It provides the option of enabling numerous gestures and quick search options.

One Shade

This tool will be used to completely modify the Notification settings. There are many default notification settings on all Android devices which cannot be modified. Now with this tool, you will get a number of modification options for notifications. Make as many changes as you want without restrictions.

It will be offering a Dynamic music feature.  Enabling this option is going to make listening to music cool. There will be dynamic colors according to the music you are listening to. It also lets the user skip to the desired part of the track directly from the notifications bar. This feature is not normally available.

 The tool will provide complete control over the notifications tab. You can Read or directly dismiss the notifications. There will be an option of adding the desired picture to the notification’s background. If you get numerous notifications at once then you have to enable the Bundled notification tab.

Launcher IOS 15

As we have mentioned above that everyone desire of using an iOS device. But limited resources restrict the user from buying the device. Now with Launcher IOS 15, you will be able to get the iOS phone feel on your Android phones. This tool supports almost all Android phones without any errors.

The menu icons and overall interface will be changed to iPhone. There will be authentic iPhone wallpapers and themes to use for free. Assistive touch is an amazing feature of the iPhone. Now the exact same feature can be used on Android phones easily.

iOS 15 is currently the most latest software update for iPhone. Almost all the features of this update can be experienced on Android phones now. This is the opportunity to become an IOS user without having to buy a phone. 

These are the top apps when it comes to phone personalization. Each application will be offering a specific set of services. With apps, you will be able to an unlimited number of wallpapers, Interface changes and so much more. Users can also try using VPN Tools for keeping online activity safe over the web.

Final Words

Here are the best options for you if you want to make changes to the phone interface. Each app will be free to get but as mentioned in the beginning, there might be optional in-app purchases offered.

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