Top Premium Entertainment Apps for Android

Premium Entertainment Apps

Almost everyone these days is getting entertained via their phones. there are numerous platforms out there where users can entertain themselves. Now most of those have content fetched from sources and some have original content. To make the search easier we have Top Premium Entertainment Apps for Android.

The best thing about using premium platforms is that you get to enjoy premium content. Now there is nothing more enjoyable than watching films and series made originally. There are hundreds of apps which are providing the best quality and original production films. A very few people get this exclusive service.

Most of the viewers prefer using free applications. Hundreds of platforms are offering free services. But the problem with that is there is no certainty of regular service. The app might get deleted permanently or it may continue the service.  So users always have to keep looking for alternatives.

Whereas using a premium platform is very beneficial. There is always new content for the viewers and the content shared is originally produced. there is never a compromise on the quality. The video library keeps getting updated from time to time. These features are enough to start using premium Android Apps.

These platforms will be offering the best streaming services.  It will be very obvious that for accessing the content, viewers have to pay for the subscription.  There will be multiple subscription plans for the viewers. Let’s get to the list of premium Entertainment apps for Android.


When it comes to watching premium content, Netflix is the first that comes to everyone’s mind.  It is provided films and series for a very long time. It is operating in numerous countries around the world. There are many production partners affiliated with it. It has the best films and web shows library.

There are numerous features on the platform for the viewers.  The best thing about any premium app is that there are no Advertisements. Access to the main interface and the library is only offered after buying the premium service. There will be multiple subscription plans offered for the viewers to consider.

One of the main reasons for its success is that. It lets the user create five profiles within a single account. This means that five people will be able to use the same account on a single subscription. There will be no cache reading of any profiling activity. Each profile will have its specific privacy.


This application specializes in providing famous Asian content. There are millions of fans around the world who are into watching Korean, Mainland Chinese, KPOP, Dramas from Thailand, and much more. This application will be providing viewers access to their desired Asian films, series, and much more.

It will provide some videos without purchasing the premium subscription. But most of the fun stuff is only available after buying the subscription. There will be subscription plans offered on a monthly and yearly basis. It will be providing a multi-lingual interface for viewers from around the world.

Other than this, there will be a lot of options available here. The users can create a personal watch list, check out the celebrity pages for staying informed, the Timed comments option and so much more. This is a must-consider app if anyone is into watching Asian and especially Korean films and series.

Amazon Prime Video

Everyone is familiar with the name Amazon. As it is the biggest online shopping platform operating all around the world. Now the company has stepped into the entertainment world.  It is producing a lot of original movies and web shows. Viewers from around the world have liked their work.

This is the opportunity to enjoy some of the best web shows. Many shows have been released very recently on the platform. It lets the viewer enjoy the films on big screens using the Chromecast and Fire TV service. It will provide exclusive behind-the-scenes from famous movie sets.  

 Similar to Netflix, it also lets the user create multiple profiles under a single subscription. There will be many more additions to the list of Features here. After Netflix, Amazon is surely among the used entertainment platforms all around the world.

Eros Now

India is the biggest consumer of Entertainment content among many more countries. Eros International is a subscription application. Here viewers will be able to enjoy films and series from Bollywood.  This is a great platform for those who are into watching the latest Bollywood films.

It will be providing a wide range of native languages like Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, and more. This will make the usage a lot more convenient for the user. It provides an Eros Now Originals option that will provide the most latest and original movies and web series.

It provides another Eros Now Quickies option. This service is meant for those who do not have time to watch full movies. It will be providing a lot of short films and videos. If you are running short on time, entertain yourself with quickies.

 This is it from today’s list and we hope that it was helpful. If there is anyone is interested in enjoying free entertainment they can take a look at Free and Top Entertainment Apps in 2022. This list will be helpful for those who do not have the resources.

Final Words

This is all from this review and all these apps are easily available at Google Play Store.  There will be many more useful reviews on this platform for interested readers.     

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