Top 5 Food Apps for Android in 2022

Here are the 5 food apps for Android that a foodie can’t miss. If you are one of them, keep reading to get the idea.

Most people look so obsessed with eating if we see around our selves and I am one of them as well I am a foodie. So people like us keep scrolling for good and trustworthy food apps.

If you are one of those who love eating delicious cuisine you must read this blog till the end where we are going to put the spotlight on some important and worth sharing apps that can take us to a good eating place online.

Most of the time people like students do not trust online apps easily for ordering something to eat because of some scams apps.

Today here we will let you all know about the best and real apps to place an order by simply getting the app and taste your favorite eatables.

Top 5 Food Apps for Android

Food is not a means of satisfying a hungry stomach for a foodie. It offers delight as well as contentment. And there’s an app for that, whether you want to eat out in your city or when traveling.

We all know the perks of having food apps online on your mobile phone. You can order some good eatables just by clicking and after a while, you get the one you craved for effortlessly.

How lovely is it for having something you have craved for since long and you get the thing effortlessly? It’s amazing I must say.

Apart from this, placing orders online has become a trend from a good app just be trusting blinding. Their aim is to deliver meals from restaurants straight to your house.

Here is the list of the best food apps for Android one can have.


Deliver one of the best apps for having our favorite cuisine or food within a second. This app has good reviews and good ratings as it has satisfied customers so far.

They have their own drivers who deliver eating items on the go within a specific given time. They have many satisfied customers and food lovers.

Happy Cow

For foodies, while traveling this app is meant for them. Make your trip best with this app which delivers the best quality eating where ever you wish to get it.

By getting this app, you are joining the largest Vegetable community with those who are changing the world!

This app is available for android users but there is a piece of good news for iOS users as they can use it as well.

Door Dash

Simply tap on something that seems appealing to you to see ratings, estimated wait times, and the menu.

DoorDash will tell you when delivery is free or how much it will cost if you have it delivered.

You can keep track of your meals in real-time and save your favorite orders for later use. This is another best app that is free.

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Tasty App

You can look for recipes based on social plans, ingredients, nutritional requirements, difficulty, speed, cuisine, and other factors.

Search among a wide range of recipes before watching a stage process video that takes you from the cooking pan to serving it in the plate.

It is available for all kinds of cell phones.

Open Table

Each reservation gives you at least 100 points, and you can also write detailed requirements on your reservation, such as sensitivity notifications or if a child needs a high chair.

You can transfer your points for benefits such as cashback for meals or gift cards for merchants once you have accumulated at least 2000 points.

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If you enjoy eating wonderful food, you must read this blog all the way to the finish, where we will highlight some significant and worth-sharing apps that can transport us to a nice dining location online.

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