Top 5 Screen Recording Apps for Android

Top 5 Screen Recording Apps For Android

Are you searching for some screen recording apps? Then you are at the right place as we have listed important and worth using apps here for your ease.

We show you how to film a screen on any Android phone, and while there are several apps available on the Android Market, none of them are worth having on your device.

You may make how-to films, informative videos, or broadcast your games by recording your smartphone screen.

Some of the mobile phones have their own built-in Screen recording app that helps them very much but those who need some good recording apps need to learn and read this article.

Here we are going to make your search easy so that after getting a hint or idea about screen recording apps and reviews you will be able to download the specific app easily.

Here we have filtered and collected some good screen recording apps for you.

Top 5 Screen Recording Apps For Android

The finest screen recorder applications for Android without a watermark can be found in this list.

Google play games

It may be the greatest alternative for Android users with the latest versions of the operating system.

You could already have one on your phone if you’re seeking the best screen recorder for Android.

It features excellent built-in screen recording capabilities. If necessary, it allows you to pause the recording.

Both the front and reverse cameras can be used for recording. This app has been considered the best so far and has got many positive reviews.

Super Screen Recorder

This user-friend app has a variety of resolutions, and frame rates, as well as an in-app video editor.

Image of Screen recording apps for Android

Super Screen Record is one of Google Play’s most popular screen recording apps.

This software allows you to record in high HD and there is no time limit on how long you can record. You can install this app on Android mobile phones on the go.

AZ Screen Recorder

The app helps to create high-quality movies and has a feature that allows you to capture audio while filming.

This free of cost app will let the user having Android’s screen the record easily.

The Play Store offers a free install of AZ Screen Recorder. These extra capabilities include the option to pause and resume playback, as well as a lot more.

A premium edition of the app is also available for purchase, which unlocks additional features.

When you install the app directly rather than from the Google PlayStore your device will ask special permission to the further process. That is how you can install this app on your device.


This app is free of cost and can be installed from the Play store easily. You may use the software to record and broadcast most Android games, as well as capture audio.

The positive point of this app is that if you are recording a screen via this app even a call, the other person will not be able to recognize what is happening.

You can immediately install whatever you record on your phone. If you just want to save the footage for editing or personal use, you may do it with the app’s simple interface.

Despite its growing popularity, Twitch and its user-generated content is not always the safest platform.

We see every most used app or anything has side effects as well. So be careful while using or installing such third-party apps.

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We show you how to film screen on any Android phone, and while there are several apps available on the Android Market, none of them are worth having on your device

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