What is Bulli Bai Apk and It is Safe to Download?

Recently an android application was trending all around India. This platform has made a lot of controversy across the country. Bulli Bai Apk was uploading pictures of Muslim Women.   There was a lot of buzz behind this platform. The government and other authorities took strong actions.

This incident was not happening for the first time. Before this, another application in July 2021 was providing the same services. Now, these services were completely illegal. Due to the illegal act, the app was taken down by the authorities. There is so much more know to about this topic in the next section.

What is Bulli Bai Apk?

Bulli Bai Apk is an application where photos of women are uploaded for sale.  The main buzz around it is because it is uploading pictures of Muslim women. The creators have specifically targeted Muslims here.  The victims targeted here are ordinary ones. They are famous and influential in India.

There are many Influential female personalities in the country. The reason for their fame is either because of social media,  Journalists, or many more. This has caused a major outrage around the country. Many political parties have appealed to the authorities for instant action against this unethical act.  

There are was a very similar app introduced in 2021 July. It was named Sulli Deals App. Now everyone should know that this was done out of hatred. The term Sulli is used for hate reasons against females.  This application was initially taken down by the CERT and police. Now there is a second version.

Sulli Bai was not uploading the pictures. Instead, it was directly putting up the names of Muslim women for auction. There was were some pretty huge names on the list. People all around the country were asking for the victims to be caught. It was taken down after the names were all over the place.

Once the authorities took down the first app, things were a little normal. Until the next one came into the market by the name of Bulli Bai App. Now, this platform offered the exact same services. In fact, it added a bit more to the list of services offered.  This time there were pictures put up for sale here.

The second version of the application was also putting up women for sale as maids. This time the authorities are looking to take serious action against the creators. The prime minister of India and other opposition parties addressed the situation. Everyone demanded instant provocation of the platform.

 As the name clearly indicates Bulli Bai App by Github is created on Github. GitHub was informed about this act initially. That is why the application was permanently banned and taken down. There is a high chance that it might create problems to the highest levels because political parties are included.

This second version Bulli Bai Github was aired on 1 January.  The victims have been demanding justice continuously. The creators of this platform are not yet caught by the police. There is a that they create more apps for spreading hatred.

This is not an application users should install for entertainment. Those who are here for finding entertainment, they can try using other entertainment alternatives. Here are some alternatives for users like HDToday TV Apk and Talk Movies Apk.

App Highlights

  • It Shares Photos Muslim Women.
  • There is a list of Women set for Auction.
  •  There has been a previous version.
  •  The usage is completely Illegal.
  • It has been taken down by the Authorities.
  • It was created on GitHub.
How to Download the Apk?

As mentioned in the beginning, this is not an application you should have on your device. It is best recommended that users do not use this platform. It is not ethical to use and highly illegal. It can create problems for the users as well.

We do not promote the usage of apps like this. The purpose of sharing information is to inform people about it. The usage of such apps shouldn’t be promoted at all. It can be fun for many but think about the problems it is creating for the victims involved in it.

Final Words

 This is all the information you have to know about the Bulli Bai Apk. We hope that the information shared will be helpful.  As mentioned in the beginning. It is not recommended to use at all. That is why we won’t be providing a download link to the Apk file.

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