How to Open APK Files on a PC

There are many users out there who like to do things out of the box. There are very few people who know that they can run Apk files on Android. But there is a proper procedure for achieving this. That is why we are sharing this article. Here you will know How to open APK files on a PC without any restrictions.

The first thing that beginners have to know is what are Apk files. Apk is the file extension used for Android applications. So it means that you can run Android applications on your Windows. There can be different reasons for using Android apps on windows. The main thing here is to learn how you can do that.

How to Open Apk files on Windows?

How to open APK files on a PC is a very anticipated question that everyone wants to be answered. There are many ways of doing this and we will be sharing the most basic ways here. Every user will be able to do it without any kind of problems. This is going to be instant yet very helpful learning for the users.

Most of the users must be familiar with the usage of Emulators. There are times when we use emulators on our Android phones. Most of the Emulators are used for playing games that are actually not introduced for Android.  There are Tools for running play station, Xbox, and other games on the device.

Similarly, there are tools that can help users in installing Android Apps over windows. Although this concept is very new to many users. But learning the concept is going to be very easy and instant. The users only have to find the best and most suitable emulators. Once a tool is found, half of the work is done.

So today in the review, we will be providing some famous tools for this purpose. So we are doing half of the work for the user. Now the users have to learn about the usage of these listed tools. To make things more flexible,  there is detailed information shared about the download and usage methods.

It won’t get any better than this for the user. The usage methods and the requirements of each tool will be different. But at the end of the day, the main goal is going to be the same. So Choose any tool and get started after getting all the required information about it from here. Here are the tools to try.


This is the most famous platform for running an Android environment on a PC.   The users are required to download the software from an online source. There are multiple sources online from where it can be downloaded safely. After this, there will be a software installation method to follow.

Once the Software is installed on your PC, the hard is done. This software will provide instant access to Google Play Store. Now everyone clearly knows that Google Play Store is the verified and built-in space for downloading and installing apps and games.

It provides the option of Signing into the existing Google account. This process can be skipped too. The main interface will provide you with a list of installed apps. The user has to download the desired apps or games from the store. The Downloaded file will be stored PC downloads folder in a readable format.

Once the desired file has been downloaded. The user has to fetch the file and install it.  This is all you have to do. The application will be available for usage on the main menu of BlueStacks.   This platform is going to be a great choice for running Android Environment on Windows.

Nox Player

Nox is another very famous platform for running Android apps over PC.  The usage is going to be free but there might be premium services offered for added features. This software has to be downloaded from online sources. The installation of this tool can be a hassle for some of the users.

 During the installation of this tool, it runs multiple adverts.  The user is just simple required to Reject all the Adverts shown. Though the installation is process is instant, so you will get rid of ads instantly. Once this part is done, users will be left with setting up their Google account for further activities.

Just like Bluestacks, this tool also requires you to sign in to your Play store account. This way you will be able to start using the applications instantly.  The emulator also provides a mobile view for all the apps to enjoy smooth usage.

Memu Play

Gaming is very famous among users these days. So how about an emulator that is dedicated to playing Mobile games on PC. Memu Play is offering the biggest games library for Windows users.  The games from here can be installed instantly and start playing.

 Just like other tools, it has to be installed manually on a PC. It lets the user create an account and get started instantly.  This is a global platform because it is offering its service in numerous countries. There will be a huge list of languages to choose from.

The creators are giving users the guarantee of high performance. The gameplay graphics are going to be high-end. The CPU and GPU performance will also be maintained throughout the activity. there are some IOS Emulators to try like iEMU and Armoni Launcher Pro.

Final Words

These are the tools users should try if there are into using the Android environment on PC. These are the answers to the question is How to open APK files on a PC.  

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