Instagram Reels Apk Download For Android [2022 Features]

Instagram has added a brand new feature called Reels to its app based on the current situation and on client demand. Using this app, mobile users are enabled to take 15-second short video clips like TikTok. Android users can access this new feature by installing Instagram Reels Apk inside their smartphones.

It is a Social Media platform where mobile users can upload, share and explore various content. When experts analyze the current video trend, they realize that about 45% of videos available to watch are 15 seconds or less. The best Instagram reels will be highlighted.

Focusing on the current situation and realizing that TikTok is permanently banned in India. Developers decided to add this updated feature inside Instagram known as Reels Instagram Apk. Using this feature, users are able to create a maximum of 15 seconds of video content adding different background music.

Creating short videos requires advanced options such as a huge music library, filters, layers, and different effects. To meet music needs, Instagram collaborates with different music companies to ensure the accessibility of this huge collection inside the Instagram Music Library.

If you are from India and searching for an alternative media platform. Where you can create and upload short video clips to showcase your talent. And show off your talents, then we recommend you to use Instagram Reels Download, which can be downloaded from our website.

What is Instagram Reels Apk

Actually, Instagram Reels Apk is a new feature added to the Instagram App after analyzing and realization of their Video content. According to the expert, users do not always share their pictures through the story section. Sometimes they like to share their content in video forms.

Sensing the present situation and also taking full advantage of considering the permanent ban of TikTok inside India. Experts added Reels as a new modified feature inside Instagram. And till now this is the best feature introduced.

Anyone can easily sense that majority of Indians like TikTok. Now TikTok is not reachable anymore inside India. This means those users who have no access to TikTok might look for an alternative. To cash this time, Instagram launched this innovative option inside the app.

Key Features
  • Tons of Transition Effects.
  • Users can download videos from their library.
  • Option to control video speed.
  • A huge music library to explore.
  • Create short videos with the best filters.
  • Instagram Reels offers an in-built trimmer.


How to Use Instagram Reels

To use this innovative option, first, you need to update Instagram to the latest version from Play Store or download it from here. Once you are done with the update, now follow the below steps.

  • The initial step is to open your mobile camera through Instagram.
  • Choose the Reels option available to select on the bottom of the screen with other options like Super Zoom, Layout, Creative, etc.
  • Now click on the music library to select your background music.
  • Even you can record videos using your voice.
  • After that record the video and apply different filters, layers, and effects to make your content eye-catching.
  • Once you are done with recording and editing your video, now select the audience with whom you want to share your talent.

To make your content more dashing and attractive, the expert’s added AR effects inside the app. Using AR effects properly will give your videos special effects. And to open this feature you need to choose effects than select AR. For Longer video recording users need to add 15-second multiple slabs.

How to Download and Install App

We already discussed the Instagram New Feature Reels inside the article. The utmost and most important step is downloading and Usage of Reels. The latest version of Instagram Reels Apk is provided inside the article. All you need to do is just click on the easily download button and enjoy the New Reels Option.

Though different website claims to offer the same Apk Files. But when you verify those websites, such platforms only provide outdated files which are harmful to your device. What we recommend android users is to choose our website in terms of the latest and operational version of Apk Files.

Once you are successful in getting the Instagram Reels Apk download, the next phase is the installation process. This is very easy to do but for user assistance, we added different steps below here, just follow those steps.

  • Select the downloaded file from mobile storage.
  • Initiate the installation process by clicking on Apk File.
  • Don’t forget to allow Unknown Sources from mobile settings.
  • Once the installation is complete, go to the mobile menu and click on the app icon.
  • The app will open and swipe left to open Instagram Camera.
  • Select the Reels Option from the camera bottom section and record your video.
  • And it ends here.

Does the Instagram Reels Apk Download require premium purchases?

No, users will be able to download Instagram Reels Apk without premium charges.

Is the Apk file safe to install on Android Devices?

The Instagram Reel Apk will be safe to install on any Android device.

How long does the Instagram Reels Download Apk take normally?

User will be able to Download Instagram Reels App in seconds if the internet connection is fast.


Reels in Instagram are the finest features ever introduced by developers inside the app. To this point, Instagram Reels Apk has been the best alternative to TikTok for those who are seeking a substitute. Feel free to contact us if you bump into any problems while downloading or utilization of Reels.

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