Universe in a Nutshell Apk Free Download for Android[Updated]

Hi users! We have started to grow towards modern advancements and we come across many things. We start questioning the very existence of this universe and the beings and things in it. We are here with an application called Universe in a nutshell Apk.

The app is aimed to provide you with the best information regarding almost all of the beings and the things in the universe. The universe is a vast space and we cannot possibly know everything about but there are certain things about which we can gain knowledge.

We will be able to see the small particles, bacteria, and large objects through animated representation. Your overall experience is going to be epic and it is suitable for the users of any age. Kids and parents both can take benefit from the application.  there are so many aspects that this platform is covering.

You just have to get information from it and also share your knowledge with others. It is going to be very useful and resourceful for kids because they have all the questions that need answering.


The universe in a nutshell app is a premium application and you have to buy the application. it requires only one-time purchasing and after that, you don’t have to go through any in-app purchasing procedures. You don’t have to go through any registrations process as well.

The overall layout is completely based on animations. You just have to zoom in and out on the main screen. It will show you the small particles and bacteria as you zoom in and you will see the bigger objects as you zoom out. There will be multiple objects on the main screen and there will be any kind of object.

Now only seeing the images won’t help because the image does not explain anything. For getting the complete info about the object you simply have to tap on the objects and as you tap on it, you will get to see the complete overview of the objects. The explanation is completely elaborated and easy to understand.

The universe in a nutshell Apk kurzgesagt is giving you seamless zooming at the scale of 10^-35 meters to 10^26. This is a great feature that it is offering the best video quality. The pixels quality is going to be extraordinary

The universe in a nutshell kurzgesagt is featuring the kurzgesagt music and that is going to make your experience more enhanced and you will be able to keep your concentration in one place. This going to be a short time where you can enhance your knowledge.

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App Details

NameUniverse in a Nutshell
Size161 MB
DeveloperWait But Why & Kurzgesagt
Package Nameorg.kurzgesagt.app.Universe
Android Required5.0 and Above

Key Features

 This platform has a lot of features and we have given the main features above and now I am here with  all of the reaming one’s

  • One Time purchasing.
  • Informative platform.
  • High-quality animations.
  • Tap on the object for explanations.
  • Many more…


How to Download the Universe in a Nutshell Apk?

We have given the link to the google play store and you simply have to buy the application from there and after that, your installation will start. Currently, there is no Apk file available for downloading and we will try our best to bring the Apk file as soon as it comes out.

If you directly download the file for the play store then there is no need of going through any sort of installation procedure.


If you want to know about the outer planet and want to get the complete info then you have to try the kurzgesagt in a nutshell for sure.

If you face any problems with downloading or anywhere else, you can share your problems in the comments section. We will do our best to solve your problems. If you like the review then don’t forget to rate it out of five stars.  

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