Vercel App Apk Free Download for Android Free[2022]

Today we are with an amazing and unique that you will love playing. The gameplay is very unique and you may have not played something like it before. This is puzzle gameplay that has a great idea to it. the game is called Vercel App and this is free gameplay for android device players.

Now there are many benefits of playing puzzle games. This type of game helps you in keeping your brain active because you have a place you move very carefully.

You can learn a lot about getting out of confusing situations. If you like the idea of it then you have to give it a try and you will get more information about it in the next sections.

What is Vercel App?

Vercel App is free offline gameplay where you have to place different-sized circular objects. Now the gameplay is completely free to use and it does not offer any kind of in-app purchases. the game can be also played online using the website.

We are offering you the Apk version of this game that you can download very easily. Now the user will get a simple interface and the game will start immediately right after you open it. The theme is very simple to understand.

You will get a very small-sized circle with a picture of a baby and you have to drop the circle to the ground. You will get another same object and you have to hit the circle on the ground with the one you have now.

You hit one of the ground and a new circular object will be formed. Now you will get the same object to through down. When these new circles hit, another circle will be formed and you have to continue the vercel game that way.

The circles will keep forming as you keep dropping circles down. After a while, the circles t drop will start coming randomly. Now your aim is to keep popping the circle balloons and if you fail to pop them, they will start moving up. Now you have a specific amount of space and you cannot keep the excess amount.

Once you hit the line, then that is the game over. You will get scores on the number of balloons you pop. The Vercel app game is going to be challenging, so get ready. Now you may have noticed that we mentioned that it is also available online to play on PCs.

The official name is Synthetic watermelon game. Using this name, you will be able to find the game on the web for your PC. The interface and the objectives are the same on mobile and pc. The Apk version is more efficient than the web.

Taekook Game Vercel App can be also played online if you want to compete against other players from around the world. The competition will be on the basis of the highest scores. You have to try the competition you have got proper practice and you think to beat many players.

If you are into puzzle games you have to try the WoodKuku99. This is block gameplay where you have to arrange the miss arranged blocks. The game is hard as compared to the watermelon game and you have to put a lot of effort into the game.

App Details

Size9.64 MB
Android Required4.4 and Higher


How to Download the Apk?

You can download the vercel Apk from our site easily. There are multiple Download links given in the article for your better experience. You just have to tap once on the download button and your download will automatically start after 10 seconds.

If you have downloaded the apk, then the installation process is not that long. There some simple steps you have to follow but before that, you have to go to your phone’s Setting and tap on the Security setting, from there you have to allow installations from unknown sources. Now follow the simple installation method.

Key Features

  • Free to play.
  • Simple UI.
  • Eye-catching graphics.
  • Sound Effects.
  • Compete online.
  • Score as high as you can.
  • Both online and offline gameplay.
  • Play on PCs online.
  • Clear images.

These are the main features of and there are many more you will get to enjoy.

Final words

We have provided the information on the gameplay and now you can start playing easily just by reading the review once. If you are interested in playing the puzzled games then download the above-linked game. Download the Vercel App from the given link.

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