WR3D 2k21 Apk Free Download for Android [2022 Update]

Are you a WWE fan and the superstars in it? If yes, then today we are offering you a game that is designed to help you experience what it’s like to be a WWE superstar. There is so much more in the gameplay that you can enjoy the game is called the Wr3d 2k21 and it is the latest version.

There are a number of features that you can enjoy in this gameplay, and you might have never expected some of these features to exist. As you can see, this time we are offering you multiple versions of the game that you can choose to play based on your preference.

Now there is a normal version and a lite version. You can guess from the name what features these versions will offer. The normal version is going to be larger in terms of size and you will get better graphics and the texture styles are going to be great as well.

Various battle arenas will be available for you to choose from as well as additional accessories for the characters to wear in this 3D Game that you will be able to enjoy. Now the Lite version won’t have this many features and will take up less space in your device storage after wr3d 21 download.

Overview of WR3D 2K21 Apk  

Wr3d 2k21 by Mike b Bail Apk is a free game to play that is offering you packed entertainment and the real-time heat of the wrestling world. Now there are multiple formats of wrestling video games like WWE Raw, SmackDown, NXT, Impact and there are many more.

You can easily all of these wrestling leagues here and there will be separate superstars for each format. Wr3d 2k21 Apk Download for Android is going to be very easy because you will get download buttons for each version. Now the gameplay is going to be fast-paced and fun.

You have to keep your moves ready in mind and perform the moves whenever you get the chance. There are some new moves introduced in the 2K21 version and you have to learn those modes. Gamers can spend hours playing these wrestling games.

High-End Graphics

This Android device game offers you HD textures and graphics. Gamers will be able to play wrestling story game with amazing HD graphics. It has all the advanced features without any premium charges. All the settings are made by default and it does not offer any added settings.

Difficulty Selection

This virtual game will offer various game modes with difficulty settings. Gamers can choose from Easy, Medium, and Hard for different game mode. It is best for gamers to start from easy and get hang of the controls first. Android users can take part in training sessions as well.

Adjustable Controls

Controls of this great game are very responsive. Controls adjustment will be one of the amazing features of this amazing app. Console-based games have a lot of controls. This amazing Android game offers all the controls as available officially.

Unlock WWE fans’ favorite superstars:

  • Aj Styles.
  • Randy Orton.
  • Roman Reigns.
  • Broke Lesner.
  • Undertaker.
  • Cane and many more…

So players will have the option of adjusting the placement of controls on the screen. Other than placement, gamers can also adjust the size of buttons. Every gamer can set up their gamepad according to their gameplay style.

Wr3d WWE 2k21 Mod download Apk free download is going to offer you some of the locked accessories and other locked items from the store. In the official version, you had to unlock these items by reaching higher levels but now you can easily get these items without any fuss.

I strongly recommend that you try this and we recommend that you try the normal version as well. Despite the fact that you might have liked some really great features in the older versions, you won’t be able to see some of those features in the wr3d 2k21 by HHH.

It is possible that the buried alive matches and the realistic battles titles will also be removed from the game. It is unlikely that you will see these features right now, but developers might include them again in the next update, so keep an eye out for them.

Wr3d 2k21 Mod Apk download for android is a must-try gameplay because you will be able to enjoy playing all the formats and you will be able to play cage matches as well in both versions. Now you can start your proper WWE superstar journey through the career mode and you can play training matches and so much more to do.

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App Details

NameWr3d 2k21
Size232.5 MB
Package Nameair.WR3D21 liteHHH
Android Required5.0 and Higher

Key Features

  • Free to Use and Download.
  • Simple UI.
  • Multiple versions.
  • Take part in new tournaments and special events.
  • Different modes include training courses.
  • Smooth controls.
  • No ads.
  • Great graphics and advanced game mechanics.
  • A special track for every superstar.
  • Separate players for every game mode.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Many more…


How to Download the Wr3d 2k21 Apk?

The download links to both versions are easily available on our site. You will get two buttons one of those buttons will offer you the normal version and another one will offer the lite. You have to choose, which one you want for your mobile and tap on it simply. Your downloading will start after 5 to 10 seconds, as the processor prepares your file.

Now for installing this game, you have to uninstall all of the previous versions and once you have done that, you have to proceed with the normal installation process. Now you can install both the normal and lite versions separately on your devices.


Is this the official part of WR3D wrestling games?

This app is an unofficial version of the WR3D series. It has several franchises and this is the 2K21 edition.

Is this Wrestling game available on Google Play Store?

Users can find various Wrestling mobile games on Google Play. However, this version is currently not available on Google Play Store.

Does this mobile game require in-game purchases like other mobile games?

This Wrestling revolution game does not require any in-game features. All the features are unlocked by default.

Does this game run only on high-end Android devices?

This game runs smoothly on a low-end Android device. Android users will low-end Android phones can run this amazing game.

Is this game developed by different game companies?

This Android smartphone game is developed by sole developers.


 If you have been a fan of Wresting world and if you had a dream of playing the battle arenas of WWE then this is your chance to experience the real heart of the arenas. Download the wr3d 2k21 now and enjoy your playing the game.

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