5 Top Rated Skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

5 Top Rated Skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

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What are Skins in Mobile Legends?

As you know Mobile legends is one of the most popular games playing around the globe, Well its popularity increased day by day. Actually, the game provides free-to-play services, but there are also some Skins available for the players.

Skins in MLBB refer to a shape/pattern and colour that is different from the skin. Blueprint for heroes or other characters in mobile legends.

Each skin has its own template and wallpaper. Some skins give heroes different skill effects, voices, quotes, and input backgrounds that can be rotated or not.

Well, there are a huge collection of skins available for the users, but we share some of the latest skins here. You can get access to many more collections as you start to explore this application.

So, here are top-ranked MLBB Skins, Which we are going to discuss briefly.

Lunox “Eyes of Eternity”

This Skin looks like something beyond the imagination, exuding a design of organic order and chaos. It perfectly embodies Lunox’s ability as the goddess of twilight.

Surprisingly, this skin will be sold in the form of an epic skin and appears to be a permanent resident of the store and can be purchased for 899 diamonds.

In the first edition, the skin is expected to become a collector thanks to its unique appearance and the obvious effects of the flash abilities that have not yet been leaked. This is definitely one of the wizard players lists.

Franco “Bone Crusher“

Franco recently obtained the Epic limited edition “Valhalla Ruler” skin. It is very humble and will have the look again, this time it doesn’t seem uncommon.

The name of the skin has not yet been determined, but “Bone Breaker” is the most likely name to be the first skin purchased in season 21.

Kaya and Franco are said to have become the “raven wizard” as a reward for the I’m waiting for this season. At the end of season 20, this setting will be required for the Masters and beyond.

Mathilda “Flower Crown“

As a frequent visitor to the ML list, I got the Matilda skin. This reflects the popularity of the game, as it is one of the best games available today. This elite skin shows off Mathilde’s floral scent, which contrasts sharply with the spirit of Mathilde’s base skin.

Other than her skills, it also gave allies a small shield or something, the rest of her toolkit doesn’t sound that interesting. Her passive is a mix of Estes and Chou’s passives.

And it’s actually not as good as either of them. Its main use is really just the movement speed buff, and if you compare it to most other Assassins.

Ling “Serene Plume“

The skin puts Ling in a Japanese-art-inspired setting, complete with oriental cloud patterns, and a traditional Japanese castle in the background. A giant full moon is also seen looming behind.

As one of the most agile assassins, this wall-leaping hero will be receiving his first Collector Skin. The skin design embodies the impeccable feeling of weightlessness on the battlefield.

Swift clouds and an almost mysterious appearance, the soft feathers will attract enemies with their sincerity and charm.

Esmeralda “The Foreseer“

Esmeralda is the fifth and final in the list of MLBB Skins. She is the only woman on the champion team to complete the men’s roster. If the event is the same as the previous hero event.

You can also expect the expected effects, emotions, appearance, destruction, and murder of Esmeralda. This skin should never be ignored.

In particular for Esmeralda, she is given an overall yellow tone with some black highlights and pink accents. Her skills will have yellow and pink colors where these two colors synergize well with her passive, Starmoon Casket. This allows her Basic Attack to hit twice.

We have already discussed top-rated skins in MLBB, which are trending on the internet, through which you access all the premium features of this game.

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Final Words

If you are willing to enjoy all the latest features of ML, Then download these skins on your Android Devices and tablets. So, get the APK file from the link below and enjoy. There is always remain a risk to download hack tools. Download at your own risk.

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