How To Get Free Rewards In Free Fire From New Supply Daily

How To Get Free Rewards In Free Fire

As we all know Free Fire Max is one the most popular action game, which has millions of players all over the world. Its popularity getting increase day by day, in that situation to compete and get victorious among opponents is not easy.

Freefire has a lot of items to choose from, including outfits, weapons, characters, pets, and more. Players are always trying to get the most out of them because they want to become winners of the Game.

Gerina recently added a new feature called Supply ChestHideout which is free for players to use. Rewards In addition to the daily signing, the treasure chest resets daily at 11:30 AM and 11:30 AM, so you can find more items.

What Are The New Supply Chest In Free Fire?

Supply Chests are rewards earned after collecting 5 Victory Points. They offer any three of the following rewards: Gold, Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamonds, and Power Stones, with the latter being guaranteed.

These rewards vary based on your rank, so earn a high rank to receive better bonuses. After collecting the recompenses from the Supply Chest, the next will become available after 20 hours.

The Chest is considered a daily pressed activity, for selecting a bonus will reset it for the next day, to be fulfilled again in 20 hours. Before collecting the reward, if your rank changes, the bonuses available will change to match the new rank.

Steps To Get Free Rewards From New Supply Daily

Many players don’t know how to get rewards without spending a single penny. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how players can get bonuses. We will briefly discuss the method to get more recompenses.

Let’s check out what are the latest supply chest daily in the ff. Players can keep updating themselves with the Garena FF recompenses, the latest Garena FF Top Up news, and FF events to not miss attractive rewards.

Here’s a guide for players who want to get free rewards at random from the new Supply Chest in FF. Players must follow if they wish to acquire free rewards. Follow the steps as described.

  • The Supply Chest rewards are based on luck, and players will receive the items at random.
  • First, players should open FF and then visit the event’s section by tapping the calendar icon.
  • Next, players need to tap on the Hideout tab and select supply chest.
    Users should hit on the ‘Go To’ button to visit the Hideout interface.
  • To get free rewards players will have to sign in with one of the options used to bind to their Free Fire ID. The available ones include Facebook, Apple ID, Google, VK, Twitter, and Huawei ID.
  • After signing in, users will be able to claim a gift box from the supply chest daily.

List Of Items Obtain From The Supply Chest At Random

Bumblebee Gun, BoxSkyline Gun, BoxTitanium Gun, BoxPharaoh Gun, BoxFlaming Wolf Gun, BoxDigital Invasion Gun, BoxImperial Rome Gun, BoxRed Samurai Gun, BoxShark Attack Gun, BoxBooyah Gun.

BoxPink Devil Guns, BoxAI Guns, BoxDeadly Bat Guns, BoxDemolitionist Guns, BoxBiker Guns, BoxUrban Rager Guns, BoxGraffiti Guns, BoxKpop Stardom Guns, BoxVictory Wings Guns, BoxGame Streamer Guns.

BoxPrivate Eye Gun, BoxMaster of Minds Gun, BoxGold Royale, VoucherUniversal, FragmentPet, FoodBounty, TokenScanResupply, MapBonfireBonfire, FF TokenSummon Airdrop.

In this article, we tried to guide you on how players get Free Rewards from New Supply Daily. We have many gaming options for you to check the Top 5 Bike Stunt Games For Android to enjoy in your free time.


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