Top 5 Places to Get Flare Gun In PUBG Mobile

Top 5 Places to Get Flare Gun

Flare Gun plays an important role in the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile. Not only is it a great weapon, but it also comes with a level 3 helmet, bag, and jacket for players to use in the play area. Also, bring a bulletproof jeep if you use it outside a safe place.

Therefore, a player or team with a flare gun is more likely to win the Game, gaining some additional benefits in the game. Finding Grogan on a large Erangel map is a waste of time.

What Is Flare Gun?

Flare guns are a very unique weapon, and when fired, they call for a conventional airdrop that drops a lot of very valuable equipment compared to a conventional airdrop. There is no harm in firing player flares. Fire is a useful communicational weapon or signal to give.

The flare gun, also known as a pistol or flare gun, is a large caliber pistol that emits flames. Flares will be used on all maps with different growth rates. In addition to adding the flare gun, we also added a lens counting system to the purpose lens of the flare gun.

Here is the list of Top 5 Places to Get Flare Gun In PUBG Mobile, which have a high probability of spawning a flare gun.

Sosnovka Military Base

Another popular drop and high-risk area, the military base is a great place to find flare fun. Hidden within the tall buildings, caves, observatory or factory ensure you get here as fast as you can.

Since it’s a large area to hunt down the flare, make sure your squad is with you to ensure cover against any approaching enemies.

Another famous place to fall and be extremely dangerous, the military base, is a great place to find flare guns. Hide in tall buildings, caves, observatories, and factories and try to get here as soon as possible. This is a great place to look for fire, so make sure your squad is with you to ensure coverage of incoming enemies.

The location of the flare gun on the Erangel BGMI map is very irregular. Due to the ever-changing location, you may not be able to find Grogan in the same area you previously found. This is exciting for the player. Finding a flare gun is like a treasure hunt.


This place is very popular these days. If the first area is far from Georgopol, players can come to this location and get a flare gun. It wasn’t a very hot place here, but the risk here is very high.

The high loot area is another favorite area for pro players. The flare gun can be in or on a container or in a warehouse. Besides, there is plenty of loot for the players as well as the entire team, and there are plenty of buildings to cover during intense battles.


Users have a high probability of landing a flare gun here. 3 Warehouses and containers often contain these fierce weapons. However, this is a very dangerous area and most experienced players expect good loot and guaranteed killings.

Not only are you most likely to get a flare gun, but you’ll also find many of the best weapons and level 3 items that your army and players can plunder.

However, because of the many elements here, Georgeopol is one of the most dangerous places in Erangel. Therefore, the player or team must be ready to fight at the start of the match.

Shooting Range

This is the best drop for beginners trying to get their first flare. Most pros prefer other drops to this one, so the risk factor is slightly lower, but it should eliminate teams that try their luck.

The top of the box is a good place to direct the torch. It’s a small area, so it’s easy to scan here, get good loot, and start along the way.

Flare guns can be found on the box, such as a flare gun and 5.5mm ammunition for weapons like the M416 and Mini14. It’s not too big here either, so it won’t take long to loot. If someone helps the player spin quickly, that’s it.

Spawn Island

It may sound interesting, but yes, you can get flare guns from the spawning islands. There is a large two-story building like a military base where you can get flare guns.

However, as the island is far from the mainland, it is advisable to bring enough healing items and fuel tanks to safely return to the mainland.

Spawn Island is so far from the mainland that if players plan to go here, they will have to carry a lot of healing items and boat fuel. Players can find flare guns in the lab or the bunker.

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Final Words

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