Top 5 Screen Recording Apps For Android

Top 5 Screen Recording Apps

In this article, we list out how to record screen on any Android smartphone and there are multiple apps out on the Play Store, but all don’t make up the worth to be on your device, So here is a compiled list of the best Android Screen Recorders you can download right now.

You may have seen several tutorials recorded on a computer, especially on YouTube channels. But have you ever wondered how to do this type of recording on your smartphone? This type of video is usually shot with a cellphone screen-recording app.

For the convenience of our users, we provide you access to different features of the program, Hence it will give you the platform to use all the features and multi-collection tools freely just a single click away.

What Are Screen Recording Apps?

Screen recorder apps for Android are an essential tool for those who like to record their smartphone visual display unit to create an interesting tutorial video or gameplay for YouTube or other media.

Earlier Android requires root permission to record the phone visual display unit, but after the Lollipop version, we don’t have to root our device and install some root apps for the recording visual display unit.

Even some Android screen recorder apps are now capable to live streams your visual display unit activity on YouTube and Facebook.

Well, there are a huge collection of tools available for the users, but we share some of the latest tools here. You can get access to many more collections as you start to explore this application. So, here are some of them, Which we are going to discuss briefly.

In this article, we’re going to recommend the best screen-recording apps for mobile devices so you can create amazing videos for your audience.

AZ Screen Recorder APK

AZ Screen Recorder APK is a well-known Android screen recorder. You may have heard of it. This program provides various settings and functions for recording the phone VDU. You can also create time-lapse videos from 1/3 speed up to 3 times the speed.

AZ Screen Recorder can pause and resume recording without root access. This is especially useful for creating educational videos. There is also a camera overlay feature on the front.

You can change resolution, frame rate, bit rate, and other settings, and even display text messages and logos on the digital VDU recording. It also supports microphone recording.

Mobizen Screen Recorder APK

Another app that got a lot of acclaim from the list of best VDU recording apps for Android users. It has an of 4.4 ratings on the Google Play Store. You can easily operate the camera back and front while recording a video.

We also provide video clipping capabilities. This is a lightweight app with a great interface and requires Android 5.0 or higher. About a million users have downloaded this app.

The Mobizen is the only VDU recording app to win the Editor’s Choice Award. This app can record up to 2k videos with different bit rates and FPS options.

You can also use the built-in tools (like trim, cut, and crop) to edit your videos and even use this app to create recommendations, endings, etc.

ilos Screen Recorder APK

ilos Screen Recorder APK is one of the popular Android screen recording apps. It is available for free on the Google Play Store. More importantly, it offers an easy-to-use and attractive graphical user interface.

No VDU marks, no ads, and unlimited screen recording time. Compatible with higher versions like Android Lollipop. more than 50,000 users across the globe have installed this app. It is very easy to use and free to download the program.

Native Screen Recorder APK

Most users don’t need fancy features. All they want is a simple screen recorder that works well and supports all the essential features. So if you want a hassle-free screen recorder for Android, you don’t need to install a third-party app.

As I mentioned above, almost all Android skins come with a built-in screen recorder. Google even brought a native screen recorder with Android, giving Android phone enthusiasts this essential feature. Here is how to use the native screen recorder on your Android device.

One Shot Screen Recorder APK

One shot Screen recorder APK is another popular screen recorder app for android which is paid on Google play store, but its trial version is free.

In its trial version, it allows screen recording, but it leaves a watermark on it. However many people across the globe love to use this application.

In its paid version we can add our own marks to videos. It requires Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher. We can trim videos as we desire. It is available for 0.99 $ USD. It can record video for unlimited time with voice. So that is why it makes into my top 5 apps.

Hope you like our suggested Screen Recording Tools for Android? We will keep you updated with more amazing Similar Programs, you can also check our list of more popular tools available on our website, download these files so that you can enjoy using such applications on your android device.


These are the best screen recorder for android. Which we can use for recording screen activates. If we missed any of the best ones, please let us know. If you have any questions, suggestions, and comments, do let us know in the comment section below.

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