Free and Best VPN Tools 2022 for You

Here is the list of free and best VPN tools 2022 for you if you are a frequent internet user and concerned about your online activity, or cannot access some data due to restrictions.

This list includes all the best options out there which are easy to use, with great features, and with enough room in the nonpremium segment for a common user.

We will give you all the essential details, names, the best features, and other aspects of this free software that you need for your Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows PC or laptop in 2022.

Free and Best VPN Tools 2022

Who doesn’t like free items? We all can walk the extra mile to get something without spending money. Sometimes, it is our only option and other times what we get for free could be better than any purchasable option.

The same is the case with the VPN. If you are a common user and want a decent tool that can protect your privacy without compromising on the speed and other aspects you will find many. But it is imperative to understand that not all these software are worth your attention.

You will find a long list of them on the internet which claim to be free. But upon usage we find that they don’t provide what they promise, some are with a pathetic interface, others sell your data to earn money.

So to save you from all this trouble and give you genuine, working, free and best VPN software that you can pick for Mac or Windows PC or laptop in 2022, we have prepared a great list. Even some options here have apps for iOS and Android. So let’s explore them together.


This tool alone is enough for you to have on your machine. With great features which are otherwise premium on other similar software, ProtonVPN is a great choice for many.

It comes with no limits on monthly data, no matter how much you upload or get data to your device, it will never ask you to stop, or tell you that you have exhausted your quota.

With great privacy and speed throttling, you will never feel it lags behind in any aspect. With routing and server options in the Netherlands, the United States of America, and Japan, you can pick a location and use it.

The only downside with the free plan is that the premium users are given priority over these users who could face speed issues while using ProtonVPN.

Hotspot Shield

If you have a situation where you don’t have much internet data exchange, but still want to protect your data, the Hotspot Shield Free VPN is the product of choice for you.

It is one of the famous brands in the premium category, due to its military-grade encryption protocol, which of course you can use to your advantage free of cost, but with limits.

The non-premium version only allocates 500 MBs for you in a 24-hour window, which adds up to 15 GB in a month, if that is okay, just get Hotspot shield right away.

Here you get most of the premium version features, with an extremely simple user interface to go around, and an easy setup makes this tool irresistible. But data limit and limited choice on the server side may be a disappointment for some.

PrivadoVPN Free

Works perfectly on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS this is one of the best VPN tools to consider in 2022 for you.

If the use of VPN for you is limited to a specific task and you don’t have any issue with the data limit this is a good option for you. What makes it better than other options on the list here is the list of servers you can pick.

This includes a long 12 server locations to choose from in the non-premium version. The only downside is that it has a data limit of only 10 GB for a whole 30 days period. If this is enough, don’t waste any more time and get it right away.

With more server options, decent data limit, great features, and cross-platform presence PrivadoVPN is a formidable contender in this list of free options.

image of free best VPN tools 2022

As it is obvious from the name, if privacy is your priority over all the other aspects, is the software of choice for you.

Cross-platform presence, with up to 5 servers at a time that you can choose from, and round-the-clock customer support why would you not have it?

The only downside with the non-premium version here is that it limits the data exchange to only 10 GBs per month. But it will not bombard you with weird advertisements or disgruntle you with speed limit throttles.

The other downside that you might want to know is that it will work for you only on one device at a time. If you want all these limits removed, you will have to consider paying and getting a premium subscription.

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Here we listed for you the free and best VPN tools that are free and which you might want to consider for your Windows PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone devices. You might find other software in the category which may promise better options. But once you get them, they will bombard you with ads or could be less concerned about your privacy.

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