Top Must Have Apps for a New Mac Machine

Mac is one of the most popular operating systems for PCs and laptops. With many in-built apps and features, you can also easily install 3rd party applications on this operating system. Today we are here with the top must have apps for a new Mac machines.

This OS is developed by the famous company Apple Inc and it is the primary OS for Appleā€™s Mac PCs. macOS is a powerful OS and known as a pioneer of GUI-based operating systems. There are many in-built applications already available for the new user.

Like Windows, it supports numerous 3rd party apps that can be added to the collection of in-build ones and make your system more functional. macOS has its own play store with many amazing applications and you can install apps from different websites.

In this article, we are listing the best apps, you must have for your new mac machines and enjoy using your machines more.

Top Must Have Apps for a New Mac

As you all know the list is way too long to mention all the applications available to install on your new macOS machines. so, we have cut it down to the best ones that can help you guys in essential needs for using a new computer.


Alfred is a free application launcher and productivity apps for Mac machines. This is a tool for automating tasks and executing advanced functions. It is a Mac app that allows fast calculations, execute web searches, and many more functions that save your time more.

Users can set up keyboard shortcuts that can be used for quick launching apps, files, and ways to find things on your Mac machines. You can use this app as an alternative launcher application for your macOS.


Nowadays access to any website or application for data surfing requires users to sign up and set up a password. Many people forget passwords after signing up and face issues of resetting passwords. To get rid of this hectic problem 1Password is the best application for macOS.

It allows users to save various passwords and works as a great password manager. It also offers to store numerous sensitive information and software licenses. This Mac app locks these things in a virtual vault in a way that users can be assured no one can breach it.

Epic Games Launcher

As the name suggests it is a launcher app for Mac compatible games. It is a free platform for purchasing, installing, and playing games on your systems. Games like Amnesia, Fortnite, Torchlight, and many more fascinating games are available on this launcher.

The list of games is updated with a new game after every two weeks and it remains permanently in the library. If your passionate gamer and you have bought a new Mac machine then this application is the best match for you.

Google Chrome

If you have bought a new system then you will always need a fast and secure web browser for your system. There are no better options than Chrome at the moment, it is the most used web browser famous all across the world powered by Google.

Google is the most used search engine in the whole world and chrome gives easy access to it. Bookmarks, extensions support, and different tools to ease the load of its users are part of this package. Google Chrome is a web browser with all necessary and additional features to facilitate its users.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a photo-editing and graphics editor app with fantastic quality. It requires users to pay a one-time fee at the start unlike paying every end of the month for Adobe Photoshop. Recently this editor won the prestigious app of the year award from apple.

It is one of the best editing applications with features that make a picture a thousand times better than its original piece. A must-have app for your new Mac machines.

Image of apps for a new Mac


You may have heard this word before as well, this is a great cloud storage application for many operating systems. Cloud storage allows its users to access files from anywhere using a PC or mobile phone, the only thing you need is an internet connection.

It allows you to upload photos, videos, documents, and other files directly from your system and use it later. 2GB storage is given freely on installing the app and signing up. You can extend it in many ways like inviting your friends to use this application is the easiest way.

It is a great app for safely saving your memories and data with cloud computing functionality.

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Well, if you have bought a new system that supports macOS then these are the top must have apps for a new Mac machine. With the hope that this article will be very fruitful to you and ease you to pick the best applications for your new systems, we sign off.

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