Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps for Android in 2022

Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android

Human minds have made enough transfer of intelligence to machines. This means the works carried out by humans can now be handled by machines for us. Handheld devices have also benefited immensely from this transition.

This is why we are here with the top artificial intelligence apps for android in 2022. The AI powered apps have seen a significant improvement in recent years and they will further develop in the year 2022 without a doubt.

So whether you are a skeptic or a fan of this technology, it is here to stick and progress through the river of time. So let’s find out what are the best AI apps that you are already using or can use on your mobile phone or tablet.

Amazon Alexa

This is a personal voice assistant that you can use on your device. With immense efforts from its parent company, it has become a serious contender among many to be the top voice assistant with features that amaze the user.

It was initially part of Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo, now it is a part of both Apple and Android ecosystems. Alexa uses voice recognition and natural language processing when it comes to providing a number of services.

Some of these services include setting up an alarm for you, searching, selecting, and streaming podcasts and other material, searching the web for your queries and creating a to-do list to name a few. Showing and telling you real-time news, weather, and traffic information is what it is perfect at.

Google Allo

Coming from a leader in AI, Google takes artificial intelligence to a new level with its Allo app. this is a perfect AI app for android used for instant messaging.

But with its impressive features and options, Allo is more than that. It can doodle, work as Google assistance, and gestures with stickers that are unique to it. So with the learning, it will make your life easier, as you don’t have to type a reply every time.

Allo has a creative text option, comes with a bulk of emoji and stickers, or create your own. Restore the chat or go to incognito mode with time settings of your choice. Plus it works as your Google assistant for questions.

Google Assistant

Similar to Alexa, this is your voice assistant from Google. This artificial intelligence app available on your android works with multiple languages.

But it will only function in the language you have set for your device. It supports voice queries and text entries with a primary focus on natural language processing technology.

With this one on your smartphone, you get services like voice searches, voice-activated device control, real-time translation, and many more. It seamlessly integrates with many apps and software to give you the best experience.


This is an AI tool for searching. A high-end-voice activated assistant is for both android and iOS ecosystems. Despite being a late entrant than its rivals, it has fairly accurate results for whatever you ask from it.

Just say “OK Hound” and it will appear like Aladdin’s Ginny from the background of your smartphone to serve you. You can use it for different tasks like, to make a cab booking, playing music, making calculations, finding and locating a place or business, or checking the weather tomorrow.


It takes the game of virtual assistance a step further. A special AI app for your android that works perfectly in any environment and setting to deliver you what you asked.

Robin gives a great user experience with an easy-to-use interface and swift response to your voice commands and queries. It can perform many activists for you such as making text messages, making calls, setting meetings and other reminders, making GPS navigation, and many more.

Work fine with Office 365 and integrate flawlessly with Google. With customizable designs and group access control features, you have many options to explore and test.

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With Databot on your android phone, you have a robot in your pocket. Making your life easier and fun, it is a pet you would like to have at all costs. Thus it becomes one of the top artificial intelligence apps for Android in 2022.

It is a virtual assistant with additional features that make it a perfectly intriguing tool for people who want something extra from their AI app. Such as it can tell you jokes, solve riddles for you, and keeps you entertained when you feel bored in other ways.

With Databot you can make customized multimedia presentations with just voice commands, text

, and other media. Reply to texts, emails, and other questions using it. It can also adapt quickly based on your behavior, voice, and language settings.

Like a successful human who wants to evolve over time, Databot never stops learning from you and adapting accordingly this means, you will have a better and better experience with time. Available in multiple languages in addition to English, you will find it attractive and useful.

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So these are our top artificial intelligence apps for android in 2022. These AI apps know how to change and adapt based on your needs, behavior, and requirements. Integrating them into our life means, it is getting easier, better, and hassle-free. Try them and tell us which one is your top choice in the comments below.

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