List of the Best News Apps for Android in 2022

Best News Apps for Android in 2022

Here we will discuss the best news apps for android in 2022 that will keep you up-to-date, with all you need to know, in any field you like to keep tabs on. In this way, you don’t need to rummage through the piles of useless information to come across a useful headline.

In a globalized era, we are supposed to know all the important happenings around the world. Only this way, we can make informed decisions and carry out thoughtful actions. Be if for our business, or personal life, an outcome in a lot of matters depend upon what is happening around us, be it near or far.

In this time of interconnectedness, we are not enough loaded on the required information if our sources are limited to local or national levels. So if you want to be smarter and better informed, it is inevitable to keep yourself cognizant of every major event on the face of the earth.

Best News Apps for Android in 2022

In the mobile world, there are many types of apps that claim to be news apps. But not all stick to their promises and most of the time it is senseless and useless, time-wasting articles that are presented to you on your screen.

The best news app for you in 2022 is one that gives you the curated information that is relevant to you and according to your likes, interests, culture, and geography. If you are more interested in local and national news, it is better to look for local newspaper apps instead.

But if you want something more, you are in the right place. Here we will discuss the best applications in this category that are widely used by android and apple mobile users on their smartphones. If you want to know why, it will be obvious when we discuss them one by one.

So without delay let’s talk about some of the top applications that are made to offer you the best.

Google News

Like Apple news for IPhones, this is Google’s version for the Android mobile phone and tablet users on its ecosystem. Yet, you can even use it on Apple, but no other way around. Google is the largest and most widely used search engine without a doubt.

No matter how important an event is, it becomes a piece of news, and it wants to find a place for itself on the internet. In this case, this latest piece of information will be found out by Google for sure. So let Google know what you want and like to read, the relevant information will be displayed for you on your screen, as soon as it is available.

AP News

If you read the news, you must have heard of Associated Press, with its commonly acronym AP. Having established itself as a reliable source of information and news, its provided data is used globally in TV and paper reports.

This AP News app brings the latest from all over the world with its own extensive and efficient production source. With a simple user interface, anyone can use it to access information on the go. You will find a variety of topics to follow such as entertainment, politics, travel, technology, sports, etc.

It is a totally free-to-use app with ads of course that you can try now.


One of the most popular, if you are new to this category of apps, just get it for your android device and you are good to go. Here you have the choice to make a customized feed for yourself by selecting the topics you are interested in.

Not just that, it gives you an online reader view to read the article on the app itself with a great UI and ease of use experience. Collecting the best from around the web, sites, and other sources, it presents information that you can read with a single tap.

Working like a digital magazine, you will have a great experience using Flipboard. A totally free-to-use app, its presentation of data is decent and pleasing to the eyes of the users.

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Strictly speaking, our favorite RSS reader from the pre-mobile explosion era is brought to us via this app named Feedly. That is why we recommend it for you as one of the best news apps for android in 2022.

Since it is an RSS reader, that means it can collect and bring together all the information on a topic that has made it to the news in real-time. So you can customize it to show you the best and latest information on any topic from reliable sources.

With built-in integration with names like IFTTT, Twitter, Evernote, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many others, you have your own network as a source. Use their app or website, the choice is yours when it comes to Feedly. A totally free-to-use option with advertising, not a bad bargain in 2022.


This is a recent entrant to the market in this category but a serious contender to the already established news apps in 2022. Its mode of working is like that of Feedly.

Here you get a free newsreader that you can tweak and change according to your needs, likings, and taste. If you are someone who loathes extra efforts, Inoreader brings twenty-eight pre-made topics to read from.

Inoreader is completely free to use with an option for offline support. It will bring you a decent amount of information related to a wide range of topics that you can also customize if you want to.

A free application for your Android mobile phone or tablet, do try it out for a fine experience.

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So these are the best news apps for Android in 2022 that you can get for your device and enjoy the latest information in any field. Be it science, technology, politics or current affairs, or current breakthroughs in any field of your interest, access all of it right away from your smartphone screen now.

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