Best Crypto Currency Trading Apps For Android

Crypto Currency Trading Apps

Crypto has taken the whole world by storm in recent years. Millions of people have profited from the instant rise and many have regretted their decisions of selling coins earlier. The medium for performing trades are apps and so we bring the Best Crypto Currency Trading Apps For Android.

 Due to the instant rise in past years, many people have enjoyed immense profits. Now there are times when the market has crashed as well. Staying informed about the market shifts is very important in this field. Having the latest and accurate information can help in making profiting decisions while trading.

To stay notified of the markets Shifts, online platforms can be a real help.  Now because of the popularity, there are thousands of applications available on the internet. Now finding the best apps for trading is quite hard. This article will surely be a help because will be sharing some prominent apps.

There are a lot more things to know other than knowing about the market shifts. Finding a safe and secure platform for buying and selling is important. All the shared apps will be offering the best level of security. The working environment for all the viewers is going to be very convenient.

There must be many who are new to this field. The market is very vast and there will be a lot of learning for the users. The applications will be offering services for both professionals and newly joined players. We are sure that the interested users will learn properly about trading from these platforms.


This online platform is currently the market leader when it comes to Crypto-currency trading. It is offering a lot of other services as well for its customers. The creators have kept the application free to get. So there will be no premium requirements to get started on the platform.

Although the platform will charge trading fees from the customers. The Fees charged are known to be very low as well. There are hundreds of Currencies listed officially here including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dodge, and many more.

This online app will be offering specific features for Beginners. There is an option that will help users in switching the interface mode from Lite to Pro. The lite mode will offer very basic services and it will be easier for the users to navigate around.

Key Features

  • Safe and Reliable to use.
  • Switch interface mode from pro to beginner.
  • Earn interest for holding coins in the wallet.
  • Instant purchases.
  • Customer Support and much more…


This application is also very famous in the Crypto-trading world. It has millions of active registered customers from around the world.  The services here are curetted in a way that facilitates both professionals and beginners.

It will help viewers in buying, selling, and Holding different sorts of coins at once. It supports safe, secure, and instant coin transfers to digital wallets.  The on-hold assets will be kept safe from any kind of breaches.  The customers will be able to trade in a secure environment without restrictions.

As we mentioned the coin price changes from time to time.  The creators have offered a reminder setup option for the user.  This way the beginners will be able to know about the price changes in the markets.  The buying, selling, and Holding will be a lot easier this way.

Key Features

  • Complete Beginner Guide.
  • Ethereum Games.
  • Learn about NFTs.
  • Keep the assets safe will passwords.
  • Track the recent trends.
  • Many more…


This is going to be a multiple-purpose app for the traders. It will be offering the services of a digital wallet as well as a Browser. Now there will be no need of using an added app for a digital wallet. All the assets can be kept safe here in this wallet. The transfers from here are going to be instant and secure.

It will help the players in getting access to all kinds of services. Now the user will be able to buy and sell coins, Play NFT games, and much more. This is going to be an immersive experience for the users who are interested in getting into the decentralized Web.

Just like all other applications, the app’s creators have worked in making it secure for everyone. There will be Password protection for keeping the assets safe. There will be secure access to different sorts of websites for numerous activities.

Key Features

  • It is meant for multiple purposes.
  • Make instant transfers.
  • Works on low-end devices.
  • Offers the desktop version.
  • Keep the activity completely private.
  • Much more…

MEXC Global

MEXC Global is a growing space with more than 7 million users worldwide. The numbers are increasing on daily basis and it has the ability to become the leading space in the Crypto world.  There are numerous services offered for the viewers in this space and users can get started without any restrictions.

 It deals in an instant and safe Crypto Trading of coins like Bitcoin, Dodge, Ethereum, and many more. Other than that, the platform specializes in NFT and Game-Fi earnings.  The Game-Fi industry is flourishing immensely and there are many profits creation opportunities in this field.

This application will help people in getting to know more about these fields as well. So this a full-fledged for the professionals in the market. It is also providing many learning opportunities for newly joined users.

Key Features

  • Earn instant Airdrops.
  • Margin trading.
  • Exclusive offers  MX holders.
  • Numerous Rewards.
  • Instant transfers of assets.
  • Many more…

These are the top apps to get started in the Crypto-world. All the pros and beginners can get started after getting any of these apps. This is regarding the Crypto and if any reader is into knowing about Free Android apps, they should check out The Best Free Android Apps for 2022.

Final Words

This is it from this article and we hope all readers got what they were here for. There will be many more similar articles for our readers here.      

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