Free Productivity Tools for Your Windows Device in 2022

Free productivity tools for Windows are a blessing at this moment. We are going through a transition period where the office work has gone mostly virtual. This on one hand created opportunities in terms of time saving and locomotion at the same time new challenges arose.

With a new taks scheme and flow, the efficiency has mostly suffered as a consequence. Luckily there are many online tools that you can install on your Windows laptop or PC and make the workflow smooth and time-saving.

Schedule your tasks, meet the deadlines on time with these apps. Make complex tasks easy and your life less stressful. What is icing on the top is that these all are free for you. That means, they do not incur extra money whether you run the company or work on your own.

Without further delay let’s get to our best and free productivity tools for your Windows device in 2022 and go digital in your workspace.


This is an amazing tool that can do a lot of things for you. It tracks a lot starting from monitoring your running time to the trips you spent time in the gym. It is not just that, you can find out how long you spent writing or working on your worksheet.

This tool is not just in the form of an app, but as an online option as well. With flexibility, it makes your life easier. It just wants you to log your progress, it will graphically display if you are on track to achieving your goals and make it easier for you to keep a tab on your work.

These include words written, time spent working, and the number of contracts signed. Beeminder can fine you if you want to be punished for your sluggishness in achieving your goals.


If you want to track where and how you spend your time on your Windows laptop or computer RescueTime is built for you. Without telling you that it is there and watching you, it will log every act you commit on the screen.

Not just for Windows devices, it has a Linux, ChromeOS, and a mobile phone version, that you can download for your android or iOS smartphones. Running in the background, it keeps distraction to minimal and becomes one of the best free productivity tools for Windows.

Here you can set targets and create alerts. These goals will keep you focused on the work as you will have a set timeframe to get to the finish line. By visiting the interface, you can evaluate yourself and find where and how much time you spend logging into social media and how much actually working.

Productivity Tool for Windows


Make every second count with Clockify on your Windows screen. It runs like a clock and offers you different shifts where you can run to get the job done. Simple to use productivity tool that focuses on its work without many embellishments to distract you.

You can think of it as a stopwatch, put it to work and keep doing what you were up to before, and count how much time you gave to that project. For this, you will have to just start the timer, add a label, write or not a description of the work details, and hit the pause or stop when you are on a break or have finished the task.

It is easy to customize Clockify, that way, it will start counting as soon as you get to your work after opening the browser. Later, you can visit the app or website to see a total description of your work and time spent on various activities.

You can configure timers to start as soon as you open your browser so you don’t need to remember to do so. Get the extension for your favorite browser or install the app, it is your choice, and it will work the same and help you increase your output.


Want to work in a team and check what every one of the teammates is contributing? The tool Toggle is just for that. Without you having to spend a lot of time managing the app, it is built to keep the tracking conspicuous to a minimum.

With the option for synchronization, Toggle takes the work efficiency to a whole new level, this means you can fix the timer on PC and check the progress on your mobile phone. Integration with various apps, Pomodoro timer, automatic detection of idle time, reminders, there is a lot that you can track from one interface.

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So these are the best productivity tools for Windows devices in 2022 that you can explore for yourself. Most of them work across platforms that means you can try them on laptop, PC, or mobile phone with any operating system.

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