How to Hide Apps on Android Mobile Phones

How to Hide Apps on Android

Do you want to know something that you were searching for lately? If it is how to hide apps on Android that is not a big deal for us. We will let you know about this feature for sure.

Most of us do not know about such apps that can help us conceal our private pictures, videos, photos, etc you would definitely prefer not to share with others.

So here in this blog, we will let you know about all the apps, features that can help you in that regard so keep scrolling the reading.

How Hide Apps on Android

Today, we’ll help you in keeping your private things private. Although some mobiles have built-in apps to Conceal their private programs, videos, photos, etc.

And those mobiles phones without such built-in software, users don’t be sad. Here are some methods that can definitely help you to do that.

With the help of a third party, we can do that and secure our private things private. Whatever the case, here’s how you can easily conceal installed programs on your Android device to ensure no one can access them excluding you.

Nova launcher and Microcrosoft launcher are the two best software to hide applications on Android mobiles.

Nova Launcher

The best way to conceal something is through Nova as after hiding the app still, you will be able to use it even after hiding it through this launcher.

Along with the time you are supposed to upgrade your app so that it will work in a proper and good manner in saving your software. Hiding anything on Android is easy these days. What you got to do is follow us step by step.

Once you have installed it, you need to activate it in the setting and open the software. Go to the program drawer and hide your private app and you can add more.

image of how to hide Apps on Android Mobile Phones

If you feel you want to remove that program from the drawer then you can disable then just remove it. You can’t disable it if you’ve installed it from the Play Store.

All of the applications you chose will now be concealed in the app drawer. Unfortunately, this strategy has its own set of drawbacks.

The hidden app will appear in the search results if you use any great search app or Nova’s built-in search.

So if you are using any other mobile phone like Samsung, one plus, etc. There have different processing. We will let you know as well.

How to Hide Apps From Samsung

Remember that the ability to conceal any software isn’t available on every phone from the companies listed. The feature may not be available if you have an older smartphone running an older version of Android.

Opening an online drawer, tap the three vertical dots symbol in the top-right corner, and select the Settings option.

The next step is to locate and select the Hide applications option, which will display a list of programs on the screen. To complete the task, select the apps you want to hide and hit done.

This is how one can hide any apps in Samsung mobile phones.

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We hope we have answered your question of how to hide apps on Android in this blog. Select one and it will help you hide your private pictures, videos, photos, etc. and you can feel at ease about your private data.

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