Top Racing Games for Android

Racing is amongst the most famous genre in the gaming industry.  There are hundreds of games offered for Android phone users. There will be some very prominent games that every user should try once. So here will be offering the Top Racing Games for Android which every user should play on their phones.

As said, there are plenty of games on the internet for the players to try. Some of those can be played for free. And some have to be bought by spending some cash. Most players consider playing the free ones because not everyone can afford to buy premium ones which is a fair decision.

But every gamer also knows that the features of free games are nothing compared to the premium ones. So we will try to offer both free and premium games for our readers. All they have to do is read the short review and decide which they are more interested in. We will try to provide the most useful info.

Racing games are all about getting an adrenaline rush without doing much. There are people out there who are into racing games. Today they are about to get the best picks from our side. This is going to be a fun and interesting experience for all our readers.

 The users also have to make that the device performance is also going to be important. There will be some games that will have specific requirements. Make sure the device has all the requirements needed to run. Now let’s get to the list and find out which one is best suited to play on Android.

Asphalt 9: Legends

This is a racing game that has multiple series and all have been extremely successful. It is offered by Gameloft and this is the most recent launch from the franchise. Now, this is the most advanced race game  Gameloft has ever offered. It has a lot of features which the players will be able to enjoy.

It is free to get from the Google play store. Although it won’t be completely free to play. It will be offering in-game payments for the players to buy. The purchases won’t be mandatory but if anyone wishes to buy, they can go ahead. The gameplay will be a lot more fun for the players.

The graphics quality and the race mechanisms are going to be epic.  The controls are going to be customizable as desired. It will offer more than 50 different types to unlock from the store. It is also offering hundreds of events for the players to participate in.

Key Features

  • It is free to get from the play store.
  • Offers optional in-game purchases.
  • High-end graphics and smooth controls.
  • Numerous cars to unlock.
  • Play in multiple maps.
  • Many more…

Beach Buggy 2

Now, this is the most fun and interesting race-oriented to play.  There will be unlimited aspects in the gameplay that will provide unlimited fun. This is a proper franchise that has multiple parts. This part is the most latest one and it has all the latest features offered for the gamers.

The creators have worked on making the experience fun. The graphics are going to look like a cartoon-oriented theme. There are multiple characters and the players can choose to play with anyone they like. It also provides multiple cars in the store to unlock using the in-game currency.

This gameplay is offering a Kart-racing opportunity. It has an online gameplay option for gamers. There will be players from the world to play against. There is also an option for customizing the karts as desired.  The customizations can be made using the in-game payment options.

Key Features

  • Free to play.
  • High-end graphics.
  • In-game characters.
  • Vehicle Upgrades.
  • Set up a personal team of racers.
  • Multiple Game-modes.
  • Many more…

Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed No limits is the most latest part from EA Sports. This is a very famous racing game franchise that is loved by gamers around the world. It is also offered for the PC and console players. There have been multiple parts in the past.

Players will be able to experience multiple game modes to enjoy. This is surely going to be very much exciting for the players.  It provides a high-end gaming experience for gamers.  The racing mechanics are going to be very high-end and will get a realistic experience overall.

The vehicles used here are going to be very interesting. It provides options for unlocking news and upgrading the existing ones as well.  There will be multiple options for upgrades. There are a lot more features for the players to enjoy.

Key Features

  • Online gameplay.
  • Play in multiple modes.
  • High-end gaming Mechanics.
  • Supports high-end devices.
  • Smooth controls.
  • Many more…

 Real Racing 3          

This gameplay is all about real race experience for the players. The creators “Electronic Arts” have worked very hard on making a real-time experience. All the Race maps and locations used here are officially licensed and resemble real places.

The gameplay includes all kinds of actual motorsport championships. Gamers will be able to enjoy the formula 1 races as well here. There will be an option provided of facing real opponents from around the world. Every gamer has to be the best and get to the social leader board.

There will be real cars from actual sports car manufacturers. If anyone has ever dreamt of owning a sports car, this gameplay will provide a real feel. It also provides a lot of in-game payments for gamers to enjoy premium services.

This is the list that we recommend readers try once on their devices. If anyone is into getting more of these informative articles, they should stick to this site. Windows users should give a try to Free Must Have Windows Software for a New PC.

Key Features

  • Enjoy the best quality graphics.
  • Smooth and adjustable controls.
  • In-game payments are available.
  • Supports high-end devices.
  • Real cars from real manufacturers.
  • Many more…
Final Words

Here is the list from which the gamers can decide which game they want to play. The decision won’t be that easy for the gamers but the shared information will surely be helpful.

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