Best Internet Usage Monitoring Apps for Windows PC

Best Internet Usage Monitoring Apps for Windows

Keeping a tab on our online activities is a habit to groom. To help you with that we are here with the best Internet usage monitoring apps for Windows.

Most of us have an internet connection that has limited features. That means we have a limited data exchange and surfing option. If we are not careful with the rationing of this data, it could mean using it before the target time.

For this reason or any other, it is essential to keep a track of what you are doing online. Sometimes, we could be spending hours looking through a trove of videos for hours nonstop. Other times, we could be visiting heavy sites.

So where is your data going, you should know and there are tools for that.

Best Internet Usage Monitoring Apps for Windows

So here we have prepared a list of the best apps that you can get for your Windows run PC or laptop and track every byte that you use while online.

Net Guard

A free software for you all the way from Cucusoft. With great features that you will get mostly in paid versions. It includes a bandwidth and tracking option that lets you keep an eye on the network bandwidth in the system.

Net Guard gives you a bandwidth usage report. This graphical representation is an easy to understand report of figures that let you see which program and services are responsible for how much of data usage.

With its prediction tool, Net Guard can tell you, based on your previous activities, the amount of bandwidth you need for a month, or check out the speed test option to find what is the response rate from your network.

Use the usage over-limit option on Net Guard, it will notify you in time, if you have exhausted your package. This helps you prevent overcharging on your connection.


It is a monitoring as well as a traffic controller. Using it you can monitor the whole arrangement of all adapters, processes, and system services in the network. This translates, you can monitor Wi-Fi connections as well as LAN at the same time.

NetBalancer has an option for you to configure speed limits and other preferences. Check the network speed, system-wide limits, current connections, or perform a detailed analysis of the whole traffic for the apps and services you are using.

You can put it on an auto mode by putting and setting the limits and rules. This means once you do that, it can simply take a lesson from those setting and implement the tasks on its own. Group the LAN computers and sync the traffic configuration in one go.

Bandwidth Monitor

It is coming from Rokario and a free tool and without doubt one of the best internet usage monitoring apps for Windows. Not as good as the previous two still a great option to consider in the free category.

Here you will get all the essential features that you are looking for in a tool for the purpose of monitoring. It can track the speed, and usage but does not give a detailed report on each and every app’s consumption.

This Monitor is great if you want it to be inconspicuous and easy on the resource consumption side. So it can basically support multiple network adapters and connections monitoring with an extremely user-friendly interface.

This comes in addition to customization options that you can tweak according to your needs, preferences, and requirements. This means you can add shapes, texts, graphs, and more to develop an idea about the consumption of data.

You can set reminders to be cognizant of the usage. This means when it is 90% exhausted you will be informed via a notification. You can edit it to 95 or 50% as well. But if you chose the professional version it can bring you log and web output tools in one place. The choice is yours.


If you are looking for a tool that is simple in usage and options NetTraffic is the one for you. Get it on your Windows PC or laptop and enjoy multiple options and benefits from one place.

It has built-in support for data tracking on more than one adapter and connection which could be Wi-Fi or LAN. It, however, doesn’t track the users and the software and services. Thought it will give you a generalized report of all the usage.

Image of internet usage monitoring apps for Windows

NetTraffic reports to you all that you want to know in a graphical representation for a given day, a month, or a whole year, you can tweak the time frame with a single tap. So in the general tab, you can get an easy to understand summary of the usage.

Based on your activity, it can even forecast the future consumption for a period extending up to a year. The tool is customizable and you can change the settings and outlook to show the major details only as per your choice.

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Here we brought to you the list of best internet usage monitoring apps for Windows that you can choose from and use on your PC or laptop. Other similar apps that could be included in the list are NetworkUsageView, Glasswire, BitMeter OS, and NetWorx.

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