The Best Windows 11 Apps for 2022

Best Windows 11 Apps for 2022

Through the years Windows has been the most popular operating system and one of the most used ones across the world. Due to continuous updates and added features people always remain curious about the versions.

Windows 10 was a massive hit and Windows 11 has started its reign strongly. So if you have already upgraded your machine, here we are with the best Windows 11 Apps for 2022 that you should not miss

Microsoft Windows 11 was launched in October 2021 and it came with features that bring a new look to PCs. The new-look Start menu and redecorated taskbar are added to this latest operating system.

With an updated Microsoft store filled with new apps and third-party apps easily installable on this OS, you can make your PC more intriguing to use.

Best Windows 11 Apps for 2022

In this article, we are going to list the top Apps you must try on this operating system.


Well, the latest upgrades to the appearance and design of the start menu or taskbar are the main changes made by Microsoft but if you want to add your own flavors to it then Start11 is the best application for you.

Main features
  • Free and user-friendly app for customization
  • Classic windows start menu layouts are available
  • Users can reposition the taskbar and adjust color, transparency, and restore the classic taskbars
  • Users can also customize grid icon spacing

Battery Mode

Battery mode is an application to make your battery usage more efficient. This app has 5 different presets to select from and use the battery according to your need. This is a very helpful tool to increase your battery life.

Main Features
  • Free and easy to use application
  • Power saver, Better battery, Balanced, Best Performance, and High Performance presets, you can choose one in accordance to your work
  • Manage your battery and save battery


This application is for the widgets lovers. BeWidgets provides tools to customize and create your own widgets that can be placed on the desktop of Windows 11.

Main Features
  • Free and user-friendly app for customizing widgets
  • Users can customize and personalize weather, application shortcuts, time, and many more kinds of widgets.
  • You can also add the new music widget and other latest widgets that were not available in previous versions

One Commander

One Commander is one of the best file manager apps for windows 11. This application allows users to customize the taskbar layouts and improves usability and provides flexibility. If you are not impressed with the windows 11 file manager, you can use this tool as an alternative.

Main Features
  • Free and an easily installable app
  • Five different themes to choose from and apply to file manager
  • macOS file manage layout is also available
  • More flexible file manager than native one available for users
  • User-friendly interface which easy to deal with and use.

Lively Wallpaper

The latest operating system has some amazing wallpapers but if you are not satisfied with that then Lively Wallpaper is there to accommodate. This application allows you to set videos, webpages, and GIFs as desktop wallpapers. This adds a new and unique look to your PC.

Main Features
  • Free and user-friendly application
  • A Large number of wallpapers available to set
  • You can also add animated backgrounds
  • Users have the option to modify the speed of the live wallpaper, brightness, color, and zoom
Image of best Windows 11 Apps

Auto Dark Mode

Many people like and use dark modes on all the platforms they use. Auto Dark Mode is a tool to customize the dark modes on windows. This can also play a vital role in saving the battery and enhancing the battery life.

Main Features
  • Free and easy to use customization app
  • Users have the option to set a timer to switch to the light mode
  • This app also allows users to use dark and light mode at the same time by setting to work in light mode and separately set the dark mode for apps.

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These are the best Windows 11 Apps for 2022. So, if you have switched to windows 11 already and if you are not to satisfy with some features, these are the best for 2022. By using these apps, you can self-organize the look of your desktop, menus, and file manager.

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