Free Must Have Windows Software for a New PC

Free Must Have Windows Software

No doubt Microsoft Windows is a software that is one of a kind. At the same time, we cannot accept what it recommends for us or brings us by default. That is why we are here with must-have windows software that you should get for your new PC.

Well, if we go into the specifics, the list could be long and exhausting. So keeping the basic works and normal Windows Apps in mind, I have compiled a list that will cover something that you might need at any moment while using your machine.

Google Chrome

When it comes to browsing the internet we need a browser to give us a platform to connect to the Worldwide Web. So in the list of contestants in this category, we have Google Chrome in the first place.

Once upon a time, it used to be bulky and greedy about the system resources. But repeated modifications and installations have made it better and better and a crushed material for people who love surfing.

With a vast library of extensions and cross-platform syncing, it just becomes an exigent with distant competitors. Talking of competitors you might also consider Mozilla Firefox or Brave to assuage your privacy-conscious self.


The era of spending time and organizing MP3s on your desktop or laptop is long gone. This is because there are many music streaming services that do this job better than you, this is not a discouragement, but an appreciation of tech development.

Apps like Spotify have made the cumbersome way of buying albums online or in-person redundant. If you ignore the ads on its free plan, the amount of music there is more than you will ever finish listening to.

With a dedicated section of podcasts, it is best in the lot. Other mentions are YouTube Music and Apple Music.

Google Drive

Data transfer and storage have taken a leap with the proliferation of cloud storage apps and services. Among them, we recommend for you Google Drive. It provides a whopping 15GB of storage for free.

With your Google account connected, you can share the data across devices without hassle. This means you can take your files no matter their format and nature, anywhere, any time. Share it with others or access it across various platforms. It is as easy as taking a sip of water from a glass.

Use it as a backup garage, or cloud flash drive, add it to your OneDrive and have ample space for basic data storage and access. Thus a must include Windows software for a new PC.


Our idea of digital office revolves around Microsoft Office Suite. With so many default apps we grew up using, sometimes it is hard to think about other options.

Nevertheless, various constraints can make us consider other options. Be it the exorbitant subscription charges or that annoying message that reminds us that we are using the free version. Or that strangulating no more available message.

So here we are with the best alternative that will make you feel at home –most of the time. It is LibreOffice. Other similar options include FreeOffice. And finally, Google Docs if you have uninterrupted internet access. Try them out.

VLC Media Player

I don’t remember when I used Windows Media Player. A friend of mine introduced me to VLC and I never looked back ever since.

If you have to get out of the browser and use a media player on your new Windows PC, you must have it ready in advance. A solid video player among many things, you will not regret having it on your desktop or laptop.

VLC supports all types of formats in video and audio and gives you tones of other features including recording and rendering from online to your desktop directly.

7 Zip

You can use the built-in options for archived files in the newly installed Windows but if you want something extra out of it, I am afraid, you will have to look for alternative options. You might not be using it quite often, but cannot ignore its utility.

That is why we have included it in the must-have Windows Software for a new PC list, as it will work for you with any type of archived files without fuss.

With 7 Zip on your Windows machine, you don’t need an alternative for the extraction and compression of files. Easy to use, with a small size, it will not bother you and stay there doing its work, without asking you for money or anything.


Must Have Windows Software

With so many subscriptions, registrations, and signups even a normal user has a library of passwords. Even keeping the security in perspective we cannot simply create and remember easy to crack passwords.

So to create strong and secure passwords and remember them we need a password manager. Bitwarden creates strong passwords and remembers them for you while keeping them secure.

To use it, you will have to remember only one password ‘the master password’. In addition to the app, you can add its extension in your favorite browser for autofill and save time and effort.


So these are the must-have Windows Software for a new PC that you can install to make it work ready for yourself for basic tasks. Other humble mentions include Paint.NET as an image editor, Backblaze for backup, and TreeSize Free for storage management. Tell us if you want to add some in the comments below.

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