Top 5 Best Educational Games For Windows

Top 5 Best Educational Games

Well, educational games are good to learn many things for kids, so we are with Top 5 Best Educational Games. This will help your kids in providing the best alternative skills, all these will provide education and entertainment in a single game.

All these games are unique and have the best impact on your kid’s skills. With these, your kids would get the maximum daily dose of creativity. All these games will prepare the brain for the upcoming challenges.

What are the Top 5 Best Educational Games For Windows?

Whether you are the first generation of PC game players or you have the latest version to play. These games will bring you fun skills in the same single game. So all the listed Top 5 Best Educational Games are given below.

Math Blaster

This is going to be said as the arcade game for all players on PC. With this game, one can improve its mathematical skills, provides basic math-related material. Here you can play mini-games like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and much more.

For learning the basics this could be the greatest game for all players. Well, here you will receive the finest daily-based activities. All you have to complete a short level to get the rewards and coins, so with these rewards you can unlock other levels.


  • You can complete your educational goals easily.
  • Free to play. 
  • Every level is easily handled.
  • No realistic problems are there to face.
  • Users can easily enjoy this educational game constantly.

Reader Rabbit

Reader Rabbit can be said as a language game where you can learn some basic languages related to your interest. Here you can develop skills on daily basis like Reading, writing, spell checking, grammar checking, and many other features.

Here you have to play with the character of Reader Rabbit and clear the levels with speed and efficiency. So this makes a greater impact on players who play these games.


  • The gameplay is so simple and smooth.
  • Easy handle platform.
  • Free to play.
  • Backgrounds and animations are quite excellent.
  • You can easily complete your daily report.


This is the most popular and ancient game you may ever have played. Provides the finest platform, design, and structure. Here you have to play with the main character of an engineer who works in space chem. 

Construction of the building, elaborate each plan, and handling your side partners is the basic functionality of your character. Every single role is important for your character for elaborating the skills inside the character.


  • More than 50+ puzzle games are inside this particular game.
  • Graphics, visuals, designs, and structure are quite efficient for use and highly praised by users.
  • Free to play.
  • No functionality issue.
  • Memory- 1GB


One of the best technical puzzle games you may ever have played. All the levels have been appreciated by the players. Here you have to play as an adventurer, collecting treasures by killing enemies on the other side. 

Well, the enemies can be much stronger and powerful than, the character you are playing. It’s all about not losing hope while you play the game.


  • Single-player game.
  • Steam achievements gameplay.
  • Partial controller support for each player.
  • Include some level editors.
  • Free to play. 
  • Easy to understand its properties and functionalities.

Universe Sandbox

The most played game due to its popularity and the educational skills this game provides to its PC players. Here you can get the greatest information about space, spaceships, the universe, galaxy, and many more things too. 

This game was first developed by Giant Army, and the date of release was 24th August 2015. 


  • Partial controller support is there to meet any problem.
  • Free to play.
  • Easy to understand its gaming rules and phenomena.
  • At each level, some relatable information is given to the user for his/her use.

We think the article have cleared all aspects of educational games for widows. If you want some extra knowledge about other games read this article, Top 5 Best Action Games For Windows for more you can visit our website.

Final Words 

All these Top 5 Best Educational Games provide the best educational material. Here you can get basic education skills and entertainment in a single game. It doesn’t matter what kind of PC you have you will get the greatest material with these games. 

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