Top 5 Best Educational Games For Windows

Top 5 Best Educational Games

If you have not already introduced your kids to the Best Educational Games for windows, you might want to consider doing so while they’re still young. Such games are universal, and eventually, you can set the educational tone early on.

The good news is, you don’t have to settle for games of violence. There is worth of games that don’t require shooting or destroying anything and can still teach your kids something while they’re enjoying at the same time.

Most parents have already established a toddler tablet or other mobile device, and as such, most games are available exclusively on mobile platforms. Positively playing games will boost your skills.

What Are The Best Educational Games For Windows?

We live in a digital age, and there is no getting around it, it is part of life, but children are spending way too much time engaged in screen time. I have rounded up some of the best Educational Games For Windows.

Some of these games not only add fun but help in educating the young minds as well. As the winters are inching to come and instead of letting the children out in the blistering cold, why not let them spend some good hours indoors.

Educational games are a great way to blend learning with entertainment. In this article, we have handpicked some of the Best Educational Games For Windows that your kid can play and learn at the same time. Have a look,


As the tagline for the game states, Brainiversity is a brain training game designed to stimulate your brain. It features more than a dozen different activities covering subjects like language, math, memory, on windows.

These activities often help to supplement a child’s elementary education. For example, there’s one called “Add It Up” that tasks the players with solving as many math problems as possible within 60 seconds.

Most of these brain training activities fit within a Daily Exam mode, which allows you to record your scores in the various activities and create an online chart to view your progression. Fortunately, the game mixes work with play.

Math Blaster Series

The original Math Blaster spawned a whole franchise of games, spin-offs. This game provides valuable tools to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with Blasternaut and his loyal dog, Spot.

If you are focused on building mathematical knowledge, then the original is the best pick. However, if you want your child to work on their math skills and have fun through a compelling narrative and side-scrolling gameplay.

Solve math problems while saving the world in this educational software program. Combines exciting, fast-action gameplay with state-standard math content. Builds confidence, speed, and accuracy in basic math skills

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

A newer and rather unique educational windows game, Epistory Typing Chronicles lives up to its subheading by focusing solely on using a keyboard. Set in a beautifully rendered origami world.

This educational typing game follows the journey of a young writer who rides a three-tailed fox. Along with moving around the game world, players use their keyboards to practice their typing skills and engage in combat.

Battles can get intense when you have to rapidly type the name of the words that appear above an enemy’s head. You can also switch strategies by typing in different commands in a fast and sequential manner.


When Zoombinis was first released in 1996, it was widely considered one of the best educational games for windows. Within the game, the player controls the fictional Zoombinis.

The game also tasks players with solving three different types of challenges: math, deductive reasoning, and hypothesis testing. Each challenge has various minigames and allows the player to learn and experiment with a variety of puzzles.

If you’ve never played a Zoombinis game before, the first thing you’ll note is its charming atmosphere. Gamers will be happy to hear that our magic and the melodiously encouraging narrator have not been forgotten in the reboot.

Kerbal Space Program

One of the best resources to learn about space exploration and flight simulation is Kerbal Space Program. Players have the opportunity to build rockets and various space ships to blast the Kerbals off into space.

This educational video game allows the players to take control of the Kerbals, a small green humanoid alien species that control a spaceport called the Kerbal Space Center on the planet Kerbin.

Again, windows games do have benefits. We encourage parents to find positive ways to use them to motivate kids, as they can be effective educational tools as well as great ways to bond with children.

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Final Words

If you want to take the gaming experience a step further, consider introducing your kids to the possibility of making their own. For further information and applications, keep visiting our website.

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