Top 5 Best Internet Usage Monitoring App For Windows

Top 5 Best Internet Usage Monitoring App

Well if you are a Wi-Fi or Ethernet user you may need, these Top 5 Best Internet Usage Monitoring Appwhich will help you to understand where the data has been used. So you don’t have to worry a lot about the internet packages. 

Well, you can control your data usage by a proper monitoring app, you will get amazing applications to control your data usage while you are online. This apk is the best features and tons of services for all internet users. 

What are the Top 5 Best Internet Usage Monitoring Apps?

So if you are with limited internet packages, you can control data by all these listed Apps. Following is the detailed information is given below.

NetBalancer APK

Screenshot of NetBalancer

Although this has been the most popular advance monitoring tool available for all window users. With the help of this app, users can control multiple network adapters for all users. With the top ranking, it gives the best services you need for windows. 

The tool can also be used to monitor system services also. With the premium version, you can also set speed limits for each of the running processes. Also, you can get the more amazing features of this app.

Well with the premium you may have to pay for all extra tools and features you may get with this application. So with the free version, you may access limited tools and features, but with all these, you can still manage your data. 

Glasswire APK

This can be said as the popular apk which provides you the past network activities for your data usage. For users this may be the best pick in all data usage apps, you can access all the activities within a graph. 

It also lets you go back in time up to 30 days to see which apps and processes have caused a spike in network activity. It also enables you to create firewall rules. so this apk makes its popularity day by day. 

More interesting features and services are available with the premium version. With the premium version, you have to pay for it so it’s going to cost some money on a monthly basis. Still, you can manage all services with the free version. 

NetTraffic APK

Screenshot of NetTraffic

Well, NetTraffic is a lightweight, but extremely powerful data monitoring tool that one can use on Windows 10 computer. With this tool, you can track bandwidth data on multiple network adapters, LAN, and WiFi connections. 

However, the app has few drawbacks like it doesn’t track the users or the apps. It also has a floating widget that shows the necessary details as per your preference. This app can be said as the insecure version of the app. 

The drawbacks make this app unpopular but still you with on your risk you can receive all services on your PC.

Shaplus Bandwidth Meter

It’s one of the best and lightweight bandwidth monitoring software that you can use on Windows 10 computers. This can also be applicable on all the window PC, where it can manage to secure your data usage.

Once installed, the tool remains in the system tray and displays the bandwidth usage of Now, Today, and This Month. It’s fairly simple to use, and it’s ideal for those with limited bandwidth broadband/ADSL connection.

Well you would all these versions can be available for free, its interface is so easy to use and download. This apk becomes more interesting with its available tools.

Net Guard APK

Screenshot of Net Guard 

This application comes in the top five list of data usage apps, probably this is the most powerful one for the users. This app includes the most advance bandwidth monitoring tools available for all Windows operating systems.

With this application, it has lots of unique tracking features that you can watch on the system network bandwidth. With this apk you can set the best data limits for the data usage. Apart from that, it also has a floating widget that shows real-time network data usage.

All these tools and options make it the most interesting app for windows users. So enjoy the best services with this application. 

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Final Words 

Top 5 Best Internet Usage Monitoring App get you the basic tools and services to save data limitation for your network. You will have the advance option with all these top-listed apps. These apps can be easily used and much more to explore for all users. 

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