Best Video Editors for Windows in 2022

Social Media platforms have helped many content creators in sharing their work with the world.  The biggest video-sharing platform YouTube is the place where video creators share their videos.  The videos are always shared after some editing. That is why we have Best Video Editors for Windows in 2022 for interested users.

All the creators work a lot on improving the quality of their content. No one shares their work in completely raw form. A lot of effort goes behind making the work shine. Viewers are attracted to the creators only if their work represents their skills. Video editing is a very important and famous skill.

There are many famous creators out there who are really good at Editing. Their work is viewed by millions from around the world. Other than the skills of the creators, the video-editing software plays an important role.   There are a lot of Windows software’s available for editing. We will be shortlisting some today.       

In this list, we have tried to share apps that are compatible with Beginners and pros. Generally, Pros do not face problems while using any kind of editor. The problems are generally faced by beginners. That is why it is important finding an application that offers a smooth interface for easy navigation.

All the shared software’s here will have the features Professionals need. Also, it will be very easy for beginners to learn the skills. These software’s are very famous and finding usage Tips and Tricks is going to b very easy for the users. This is a specially curetted list for different types of users.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This platform is the best choice for most YouTube creators. It will be providing amazing features that will help in creating some really great videos. The list of features and services is very huge. There is one important thing that everyone user has to know. This is a premium tool that has to be bought.

 It will be offering a free trial option for those who want to test it first. Now once the premium subscription is bought.  The users will be able to find a huge number of step-by-step tutorials. So there will be no need of going anywhere else for learning.  The tutorials will help in getting started.

There will be another option of using apps over the cloud.  There are many apps offered by Adobe for getting added services like Animations, Blending, After Effects, Character Animator, and many more. The services of these apps can be used without having to get them for the device.

Filmora Video Editor

This software is dedicated to giving Hollywood effects to Raw videos. All the features offered here will help in creating a Hollywood-like feel. Almost every one of us has had a “WOW”  moment watching effects used in famous movies. Most of you have the opportunity of creating the same experiences.

The most used effect in Hollywood is the Green Screen. Almost everyone knows about this and how it works. Using proper Audio is another important aspect to look after. There will be Split screen options available as well. There will be a proper color tuning studio within the software.

There are times when the videos get shot poorly and there is a lot of shaking.  Now with the video Stabilization will help in making the video smooth.  All the shakings will be removed permanently with this option. There will be a lot more related options available with can be availed for free.

Power Director

This is free software for Professionals and learners. It will be offering the Premium version as well if anyone is interested. Users will be able to enjoy the best services in the free version as well. Although it is obvious that the premium version will surely provide a lot more options for vast editing.

This AI-powered tool will be offering the Mask and Blend feature. It will help the creators in getting an artistic feels in the edit. It will also provide an AI motion tracking feature as well.  This will provide an amazing animation effect to the video. There will be keyframing for more accuracy in animations.

It will be offering an assets store library for the creator to learn from. The asset store will be updated on monthly basis. Final cuts of the best editors will be shared here and there will be references on how to make similar films from scratch. It is offering a vast learning experience for the user.

Movie Maker Online

This is a very useful tool for editors who have to access multiple devices. This tool can be accessed online for free. Now there will be no need of having software on the device. The list of features is very prominent and developers are working on providing more options for editing.

There will be a vast library of effects and transitions for the editors to use. The support library will be updated from time to time according to the requirements. There will be numerous animation options available for the user.

There will be Cutting and Trim options which will be very smooth.  There will be many more additions made to this tool on regular basis. Other than this, if anyone is interested in Photo Editing on Android, they should try Best Pro Photo Editors for Android.

Final Words

We have reached the end of this review about the best Video Editors for Windows. We hope that the review was helpful and informative.        

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